Bottlehead seduction vs minimax phono

I am about to bail on my seduction and cinemags and go with a minimax phono.. Has anyone compared the two? My seduction has cs4, mundorfs etc etc
You've apparently already made up your mind. What's the reason for the change?
No change of mind here Paul, just canvassing in hope of hearing from someone who has actually done a side by side with the two. My query came about because of your post in the ' giant killers' thread, I noticed you referred to the EE first, and was wondering if you or anyone else had done a definitive comparison between the two.... So far, from what I've gleaned; in your opinion, the differences between the two are subtle, and can be attributed to tube type? I'm guessing you no longer have the EE as you just sold your bottlehead, and never did a side by side comparison of the two?
What would you consider to be a step up from these units, performance-wise in the 1500-2000 smackers range? Thanks for your input so far, I respect your opinion and quietly covet those audio note speakers! Harv
I'll chime in with some experience in that price range: I own the K&K kit and it sure sounds like music to me. Others I've heard and considered worthy: Hagerman Trumpet(quiet and dynamic, but awkward form-factor), Art Audio Vinyl One (amazing sound-staging) Also, a full function pre (used only, no longer made): Supratek Chenin
Went with Bottlehead Eros.... Building now...