Bottlehead Eros is it better than the Seduction?

Has anyone had the chance to hear the Bottlehead Eros and the Bottlehead Seduction with the C4S upgrade and compare them. If you have what was the difference between the two?
Do you think the Eros is worth the extra money?

You might ask this over on the Eros section of the Bottlehead forum. Nice group of folks over on bottlehead... and they'll probably tell you the Eros is better :^)
I almost bought a Eros myself and went to the Bottelhead forum to get my inof on the Eros...There are some comparisons on that forum..
yes, by a lot. The Eros is quite a different circuit and a lot more expensive due to the amount of work in it. It is also higher gain to handle MC's. It sounds great IMO.
I just built an Eros, my modded seduction will be going up on audiogon any day now. Very happy with it, not unhappy with the seduction, mind you, it's just that one of them has to go!!!