Tube Integrated with deep bass

As the subject states I'll like to know of any good tube integrated with deep, tight bass. To some this could sound like on oxymoron but the truth is some Vintage equipment do have deep bass. I'm looking for new equipment, no vintage.

Rogue Audio for one.

PrimaLuna DiaLogue Two - provides deep articulate bass. If you can get by with 38 rather robust watts per channel, you need look no further.
If it is in your price range the Graaf 50B that is for sale is a very very good tube integrated ....I have no affiliation with the seller but used to own this model and if not for going to much more expensive seperates I would not have found any real improvements. It is also great looking and built well.
Well, my military intelligence tells me that the giant shrimp of integrated tube amps with good bass is the VTL IT85. It's the colossal olive of tube integrateds and you could even pick it seeing blind.
Aronov LS-960I has been a tube integrated bass performance champion in a reasonable used price range, $1200 range.
Although manufacturer no longer active, it has a straightforward design that any tube repair facility can work on.
Not vintage, and sold in the 21st century.
The overall sound is very natural, or realistically musical, not simply killer bass.
Audio Note Soro SE has amazing bass

I am selling mine but it makes no difference on my opinion - awesome bass for tubes or solid state
I was impressed with my McIntosh MA2275 integrated once I installed Siemens ECC801S's in the 12AT7 slots. The Siemens, IMO, are noted for their tight, heavy bass.
FWIW, I checked out that Graaf integrated Glide3 mentioned and I wouldn't even consider for a moment buying from a seller with that history.
I have a Cayin A-50T and it has some pretty decent base.
I like Jolida, but also have to put in a plug here for room tuning and speaker placement. You can do a lot with the speaker placement to fine tune bass, irrespective of the amp. This assumes you can change the room around. Good luck!
A primaluna PL2 with KT88 tubes will give some solid bass, I have found though that i like the warm and fuzzys of the EL34. But the Stones and CLash still sound good.
I don't know which speakers you have but if you want an integrated amp that has the qualities of tubes but a solid state output check out the Pathos. You will have the tight bass you want and an excellent midrange and top end. Deep bass to me is a coloration. A good amplifer should deliver the quality of the recording and the essence of the recording. It should be neutral. From what I have heard the Pathos is a good beginning. Visit your local dealer and give it a listen. I do not own the Pathos yet but it is on my short list when I stop using separates and go to integrated. It's just one of the integrated amps that sounds good period. Don't expect many tube based integrated to have tight bass. Finding a tube amp to go deep with control is the problem. And last how they integrate with your room and speakers is the next problem you have to address.
Ditto the Pathos. Audiomat is a very good all-around tube integrated, but the bass might be what you are looking for, even though the lower mids make up for it.
Deep bass is most a matter of system integration rather than a sonic signature of a specific integrated amp. I own an Audio Note Meishu integrated which integrates in a very favorable way with Avantgarde speakers developing clean and articulate bass response.

My 2c.
I own the Dialogue II and even though it's a great amp it does not reach deep down like my previous tube amp. Granted, my previous system was separates. Anyways, I have changed power cords to MAS ( Audioone Reference ) and also BMA Pinnacle Gold ICs and it's getting there, deeper and also more defined. I was wondering if switching tubes to something besides the KT88 is going to help.
KR Audio Kronzilla SXi. Goes down deep and never loses its grip. Not too shabby over the rest of the spectrom as well. Really shines with Duke's Audiokinesis Jazz Modules.
I agree with Plato,this amp digs deep and is a tube rollers dream,no fuss ,just plug in play.Hard to beat for the money and sounds fantastic on klipsch speakers or any speakers that you do not need a ton of power.It's a no brainer........if you need more bass, get a sub..