transport w best detail retrieval and 'weight'

OK- here we go- I have the new Audio Note 3.1 Balanced (transformer-coupled output) Dac (it's great!), and am searching for a transport. I had an older Teac Esoteric P1, and liked the 'weighty' sound (the VRDS clamping system I am a big fan of). I sold it and picked up the Audio Note CDT-II due to the reviews and b/c I have the Audio Note Dac- what a mistake! Unit was very lightweight, and so was the impact. Yes- resolution was OK, and low noise floor was great, but it just didn't have the 'weight' to the sound that the Teac-based units (includes Wadia) have. I am considering the Wadia 270 and the Spectral SDR 3000 transports (both use versions of the Esoteric VRDS clamping system). Or should I give it all up and go back to one-box player? (I owned an Audio Aero Capitole but wanted more resolution so went separates). Ultimate detail retrieval and good 'weight' to the sound is what I am looking for from a transport- I have the musicality angle covered with the Dac. Any ideas?
Spectral SDR 3000 transport has anything you want from CDs.
The CEC-TL1 belt drive is magic with your converter. I know and respect several people with that exact combination.
Hey Albert- how are you? I have considered the CEC TL1x, but am unsure about the lower registers, as compared to the Teac VRDS clamping system, which I have found to have superb bass characteristics.

Not to say the CEC isn't excellent in this regard, however it merits further study. Also- seems to always be someone trying to sell a CEC TL1 every day on Audiogon, and I always wonder why if it supposedly so good...
Good question, perhaps there are people bringing them into the county to meet the continuing demand and making a few dollars in the process.

Wish I could justify buying an Audio Note and CEC transport so I could describe it's performance first hand. Three audiophiles who I respect very much all own this combo.
No better CD transport out there than the WADIA 270!
Good luck and a Happy New Year!
Try Dampening the CDT2 Transport.I have gotten amazing results doing it.3m make an alluminum strip with ahesive on one side.go to is used in to quiet washing machines,or any household device that needs dampening for the motors.Once this is done you will find that this transport is pretty hard to beat,though the CEC is excellent.Dampen the cover,the inside around the motor,and the lazer.
Sattothestars- already sold the CDT2- too late! It will probably come down to the CEC TL1-x vs Wadia 270 vs Spectral SDR 3000...
Electrocompaniet's EMC-1 floats an 18 pound "turntable" inside its case for ultimate mechanical function. And it REALLY does have a total lack of digital artifact! Spookily real.
we also have had great luck with the CDT-Two. I did not sell the unit to Sutts but advised he try a different digital cable as we got VASTLY different sound from the unit utilizing different digital cables.
He was not interested in trying this option and in fact had already decided to sell it since as he put it, his cable was great.
To bad as this transport is first rate. As with any high end equipment synergy with cabling etc. is important.
I second that one Subaruguru. Having no experience with Electrocompaniet gear before, I heard the EMC1 2 weeks ago in a dealer showroom. CD playback was so incredible. I was so impressed I bought the DAC. I now will try different cables between this and my Pioneer PD65....but perhaps not much different. Any ideas?
You could get a Sim Audio Eclipse CDP. I know it's a full cd player but you can use it as a transport. It as digital in and out connectors. You can use it as a transport. It's one of the best transport out there. The detail retreival is amazing.
Lgregoir- I agree that the Eclipse is very good- in fact I used to own it for over a year, and it was my favorite of the non-Teac based transports- good call!! I guess I am hesitant to go down that road again, only because of the fact that their are dacs and additional circuitry in the Eclipse that I would rather not 'pay for' if I would only be using it as a transport. But it does merit consideration, as you are correct- the detail retrieval WAS excellent. In fact- I sold it to go the the Audio Aero Captitole, die to the better tonality I found woth the Cap, especially in the mids. Never did try the Eclipse as a transport only though- hmmm......

The decision is made however- as of a few hours ago, I did the deal on a demo Spectral SDR 3000 transport- will post findings on the Spectral/Audio Note Dac combo following its arrival.
I have not heard this one, but people swear by it......Vecteur D2 transport. New is about $1000 and I have yet to read anything negative about it! But you never know until you try it.

I was going to go for it but decided upon a CEC TL2X instead. I like it, but still have a curiosity for the Vecteur.
This is not going to be a popular suggestion with some people, but consider picking up a used Sony SCD-1. Its transport section was a revolutionary design and its strongest point, and you get SACD as a "bonus". It's slow in operation, but can stand up sonically to just about any transport in any reasonable price range--and if it's a combination of weight and clarity you want, you should hear it. The weak point of the unit was its CD DAC, and you won't be using that. (No, I don't have one for sale, but I liked the transport section so much, I upgraded to a Classe Omega, which uses the SCD-1 transport.)
Platsolos- the Vecteur D2 is good, but the L4 is better- they are extremely impressive considering the price. In fact, I could pick up an L4 for a good deal right now, but am searching for the higher end, and therefore going to try the Spectral.

Mgottlieb- yes, good suggestion. IN FACT- I will be testing the new Spectral against some stiff competition- a Sony SCD-1 as transport only; and a Sim Audio Eclipse also used as transport only (a buddy of mine has both units, which is why we will be able to do the 3-way transport shootout)- all going into the Audio Note 3.1 Balanced Dac- will post results when testing complete...