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Pass Labs vs. Levinson Pre's
Go with the Pass, it sonically offers a more transparent image as well as a sweeter overall presentation. A good friend of mine was amazed at the X1 sound saying it was tube-like sweet with amazing dynamics and openness! 
The Worst Speaker you have ever heard.
Thiel. Any of em. 
Transport Recommendations Please.
Never heard but only heard great things>>>VECTEUR D2.2. People say it is better than Levinsons etc.... you will have to see for yourself, but this is what I would get. Just stretch the budget a bit, you will not be sorry. ($1290 NEW)Other... 
Short list of dacs for CEC TL-2X
I used to own this transport....Awesome!I always felt that it would be best paired with a solid state DAC which had more control and impact. The downsides to this transport are that it can sound slow and somewhat limited dynalically. With that, I ... 
Totem Acoustics Customer Service
Thanks all for the responses! It does look like Totem has great customer service and maybe I am just getting some bad luck or even a bad email system here, no problems. I am in CT and was looking for a dealer to listen to some speakers.Thanks agai... 
higher end cd player
Opus 21 
Krell FPB 200, comments?
Just my opinion, but I heard Krell and Thiel together in a shop and it was ear piercing! 
Clayton M100 Monoblocks??
I am currently running platinum solos (small bookshelfs very inefficient 84db and 6 ohms) I plan on staying with bookshelfs inthe future so I guess whatever speaker I get will need power! 
Best Stereo or Mono Amps under $1000
Parasound products. 
NAD S200 vs Pass Lab x-250
ok, how about the best response is the difference is night and day? 
CD players with volume control ?????
The drive whine was in older models over a year ago. The new one is dead silent. Can't even hear it when your ear is close. 
CD players with volume control ?????
Resolution Audio Opus 21, check out my review in the reviews section. 
Tyler Acoustics Taylo 7U vs. Linbrook Sig. Monitor
Rgd-That was a great response. Thank You! And yes I do have the solos now which I really love their bass. What amplification are you using for your linbrooks? I have a Pass X150 at 150 you think the Pass could bring out more bass in th... 
How good is the Resolution Opus CDP?
holding a low resale value is absurd.... I have very rarely seen them used on Audiogon, and when they are there they usually go very fast depending on how it is priced (about 70-80% of retail).A while back one appeared for about 2 hours then sold!... 
How good is the Resolution Opus CDP?
see my review under the reviews section, digital.....