transport quality???

Do players that do SACD and DVD have more robust transports, and therefore better transports, than simple cd players?
No. You can buy a $39 multi-function player with a cheapshit transport.
it depends...and these types of transports can get pricey. The Esoteric and dCS transports are likely amongst the best at a cost. Esoteric seems to be one of the few that (used) to make SACD and DVD transports

Also some drives just read the disc into the transport can be more of a computer grade...

I guess the real question is what are you trying to accomplish? Better sound quality? If so...what's the rest of your digital front end?
I use the transport from a Theta Miles cd player (2300.00) from late 90' and Musical Fidelity M1 A dac... sounds OK
Hello Chayro. Just took a look at your enviable setup. Your Wilson speakers have been considered excellent and very dynamic. What were the reasons for going to the Rockports?
Hi Jfrech. I'm using a Lexicon RT 20 and wondering if the transport is adequate to use it with a good dac.
You got Jfrech and Chayro's systems confused. Chayro has Trenner-Friedl which are high efficient and highly regarded but under the radar speakers. I could be very happy with this fine speaker(and that Viva amplifier).
I think it depends on the maker of the CDP or SACD/DVD player. The Pioneer Elite DV09 and the Pioneer PD-D9 J SACD players were well built transports that when I used with an outboard DAC made good music in my systems. When I had a Marantz CD 5003 or an Emotiva ERC-1 and used them as transports to an outboard DAC they held up to the Pioneer SACD and DVD players I had. The only time I had a problem with a DVD or CD transport was when I was using a Memorex DVD player from RadioShack that had a uber thin disc tray.
IIRC, the Lexicon RT-20 uses a transport made by Pioneer. I had several of the "elite" players over the years and their transports and laser systems were always top of the line and made for great listening and viewing.

I doubt that Lexicon made anything in the player it was more than likely a rebadged unit from another manufacturer in a Lexicon chassis. It did receive good reviews back when it was introduced.
Thx dad.
I am sure your transport is just fine to get started with a different dac...I wouldn't worry about this right now...pick the best dac you is changing fast...can likely pick up some that were "the best" just 1-3 years ago for less than 1/2 off list (or more)

I loved my Wilson's just a killer great speaker. The Rockports go in a little different direction...and are harder to drive...but they have their rewards to!