Tough Speaker choice, Please look and comment

Dear fellow Audiophiles,

I am going to be taking a plunge into the next level of high fidelity music soon and I know I won't be able to keep my tweakers (hands) out of the insides (again...) of whatever I decide to choose next as my main speakers for my audio lab.

I typically listen to regualr everyday rock, rap, dance, some jazz, some classical, (Mapleshade and Chesky recordings) but really like pop and dance over most music, so please keep that in mind. The "Slam" factor as some would say is rather important to me do to the nature of my musical likings, and I fully admit that to the fullest extent. I am more of a dynamics person, but do enjoy the soft but subtle passages of the finest music orchestrated.

Here is my potential choices and the pricing typical for each:

1. VMPS RM40 $4600 (add more $$$ for caps upgrade, so figure closer to $5500-6000)

2. Genesis Technologies V $5000 used on Audiogon

3. Legacy Focus 20/20 around $4000-4500 used on Audiogon

Please comment on the selection and add any other ideas or options. Amplification will be a highly modified McCormack DNA-225 (225w @8ohms, 400+w @4ohms... realistically more due to impedance curves in the lower bass regions of most speakers) to power the speakers.

also keep in mind that whatever I do get will probably get modified as far as crossover parts upgrades, internal wiring, bybee purifiers, and whatever else I decide to improve (if any)of the speakers... (all possibilities)

The decided speaker will be replacing a highly modified set of Paradigm Studio 100's Ver.2 speakers possibly.....

Thanks for your input, your time and your support.
I would recommend you check out the Von Schwiekert VR4 Gen III SE which retail for $6k.

I've not listened to these yet, but I've been hearing some excellent buzz about the Gen III SE from friends and read a review or two.

At the very least read the review on them at to determine if these could be the speaker for you.

Freq. response is 16Hz to 40kHz.

I'm thinking they may be the next speaker for me. Note that they may not be the most beautiful of speakers.

Considering the amount of money you are going to spend you should audition each of these speakers with the type of music (and volume level) you will be listening to. Bigger speakers have less placement options so take into account the size of your room as well as speaker aesthetics since the VMPS is rather large and visually dominating. Having said that...

I would stay away from the Genesis Vs as these were discontinued some time ago so replacement parts might be an issue, even though the company has been resurrected. I know that the servos in the subs can go bad.

I would also consider Wilson Watt 6 (or so) if you can stretch your budget a bit, used of course. Also, try to listen to a pair of Klipshorns if you really want dynamics.
Hi, If ya want some serious SPL'S.Seek out a pair of Klipsch LaScallas,extremely efficent,punchy,although a little bright for my taste,virtually indestructable. Or mabey some Infinity Betas,bi-amp only
My current speakers are Apogee Acoustics Divas,and Sonus faber Extremas
Just listened to the Audio Physics line with various styles of music and was very favorably impressed.
Take a look at these VMPS parts new design from someone who was also considering them.
As a vmps owner I'll give you some better vmps advice, forget the RM-40's and get the super tower/r. This speaker is much cheaper to buy than the RM-40 and has deeper bass output. The RM-40 is more audiophile in sound with very good bass and is the better speaker for audiophile. The super tower is exactly what you are looking for (I own a pair), these speakers flat out kick ass and take names later in the bass department and are ideal for what you are looking for in a speaker. They are: large/heavy-220lb's, 4 ohm/91db and can be bi-amp/bi-wired, they love power and can achieve room lock with ease. Mine are powered by Krell ksa-250/2000 watts@1ohm. As a reference point I would add: The baby brother to the super tower (the tower II) will beat the studio 100's with ease in every department and is cheaper yet.
I read the post and was going to suggest the VF-4SE--but Sthno already did it.
As another VMPS owner i would have to agree with Sogood51. I own a pair of tower 2/R's and previously owned a pair of paradigm studio 100v2's. Mine were not modded in any way so not sure how they compare to the ones you own. Vmps just do so much more right. Bass is tight and low we are talking 20 hz here. Now as a former owner of klipsch chorus 2's as well if you just want to do damage to your rib cage they might be the choice for you. Actually i could never stand to be at that volume level and stay in the room with them. So the slam factor would have to go to klipsch. My VMPS on the other hand sound more like the band is in the room with me. From top to bottom they just amaze me at how much they do right. They are excellent for all types of music. Goodluck on your search.
At the risk of ridicule I suggest a dark horse: The Sony SS m9. There are two models for sale right now used. The sound quality would shock you. Have no fear they are American designed and made. Sony was looking to make a 'cost no object' speaker and ended up with these. Reviews have been positive and my experieince would tend to agree. You can spend more money and get a lot less speaker. If of course you can get past the name. The grill are removeable.
A speaker well worth consideration is the Thor. This was designed by Joe D'Appolito and is available as a kit from Madisound. The performance is truly amazing. The tall thin cabinet makes imaging superb, particularly compared to the very large speakers under consideration. Mine are paired with a set of custom subwoofers (Adure Shiva Mk.II in 5 cu. foot EBS vented boxes with an Outlaw ICBM electronic crossover and Bryston amplifier) operated below 40Hz and the dynamics and resolution of the system are astounding. The subwoofer/satellite nature of my system allows much more placement flexibility and gives the ability to tune the bass response for the particular situaion with better accuracy. The Thor is only about $1500 per pair and has crushed many a larger and more expensive speaker against which I have compared it (JM Labs, Klipsch, Dynaudio, Dunlavy, among others). Unless a physically imposing speaker is mandatory, a simple design with a superb drivers and a well designed crossover network will usually outperform a complicated multidriver monster. The Thor is a much better choice in most instances - maybe yours as well. Don't be afraid to spend less than planned. Good luck!
With your busy hands, why not roll your own?!
all the 3 speakers you list are so good..I think it is not easy to choose among them..those also would be on my list if I wanted to won't be an easy choice for you..VMPS offers so many speakers Sogood51 says the VMPS Towers also might be a choice..RM40 must be good but maybe the bass is not as powerful as you would want..I don't want to get your mind confused but look at this speaker as is from Australia..

another one is from GR Research..the Alpha LS..

anyway at the end if you have 5 000 $ you have lots of choices..
Wish I had your problem...check out Inner Sound...