To twist or not to twist

I have 2 runs of kimber 4tc run in a bi-wire application to each speaker. Does it matter if you twist the two lengths together or should they be kept seperate. I twisted them together to tidy up the cables but wonder if the performance is better if i left them apart in a shot gun position. I currently dont have a system to test them on. (Im in the slowly rebuilding stages.) If someone has a similar experience and could share there thoughts it would be appreciated.
I think running them in a Shotgun postion vs. twisting them
would be better negligable at best. Un-sheilded cables will emit "if any" rf/emi at a level that would be extremely low and probably propose no efect. If it were me I would twist them for a cleaner easy to manage run. If you traditional elevate the cables, that should suffice.
All of course MHO.
They sound better (to me) in separate parallel runs.

Ran shotguuned 4vs and 4tc, years ago, with Castle Isis and Linn Tukan.

If you have extra length to the cables try bunching up each run (this loosens the weave).

This is easily reversed by pulling the cable tight.
Do not twist.
thanks- i am untwisting them and shotgunning in a bi-amp configuration instead of bi-wire and run the cables completely seperate.