Anyone try the new DIY VTwist int. from VH Audio?

I tried a 1M and 2 pair of the VTwist. One had the Eichmann RCA, the other XLR. The sound was as good or better than the 1500.00 or 2500.00 references I use. Anyone use other RCA'S? I hear the WBT are even better. Tonally from top to bottom, I had trouble finding any faults. Interested in any other feedback. PT
Hi Just saw your post. Chris certainly supplies good products. What are your $1500 and $2500 references?
Plasmatech was that the old Eichmann Bullet RCA's?

If so, you can improve performance even more by using the KLE Innovations Harmony range of RCA's.

I started with the Eichmann Silver Bullet, then migrated to the KLEI Copper Harmony - a big improvement.

Next tried the KLEI Silver Harmony - even better - but the best of all was the Absolute Harmony - superb details, huge image and amazing depth to the bass, with lots of control.

Yes - all from an RCA :-)

I put them on my one piece tone-arm cable - the results were amazing.