Tinnitus anyone?

After years of loud stereos and playing electric guitar recreationally I have developed a continuous ringing? Also leads to music sounding brittle. Anyone else reconciling this with how you listen and enjoy a good sound system?
Sad subject;different source. For 100's of years my main passion was Motorcycling -dirt and street.We would race for hrs at 100+mph/you get off the bike,your ears would be ringing for hrs after.Same for in the dirt.Even with the soft ear plugs.So when I read some of these posts/about 2 subs/105 decible level listening by the younger guys--- Well maybe just one might read this.
Yes, right ear, mostly continuous. I grew up on a farm in N.D. and routinely operated all sorts of REALLY LOUD farm machinery-- all day long. Later, electric guitars, chain saws, dirt bikes, dune buggies, firearms-- both army and recreationally, and many power tools. Both .357 and .44 Mag. revolvers are famous for causing tinnitus. In short, throughout my life I've been hard on my ears. BTW, when shooting, I used double ear protection (except in army). Despite the right ear tinnitus, I do have good hearing in both ears in "the presense region", but I can't hear the top octave or so-- but then I'm 57 years old. I just hope my hearing lasts another 10 years. I have not noticed what I would call "brittle sound", but then perhaps I've "tuned" my system to avoid this. HF hearing loss may also explain the importance of excellent bass to me, ie I can,t hear high the HF tones. Yeah, you young people out there-- protect your hearing, especially if you love music. Craig.
I have almost perfect hearing in my left ear (at least to 18Khz) and a sharp drop (almost nothing above 7Khz) in my right ear. It doesn't interfere with music listening much (I do remember the duo full-range days, however). As for Tinnitus, I've heard this can be caused by too much caffine & alcohol. It may be just the luck of the draw. I've worked in a large machine shop, played in hard rock bands, hit full rolls of caps with bricks and hammers (as a kid), played with small to large firecrackers, etc. and have just a teeny amount of "constantly radiating" noise (in the left ear). My Mother, who hasn't done any of these activities, has a much larger tinnitus problem. As for the hearing loss: I think it's from a dirty little coward, in south Chicago suburbs around 1975, who cold-cocked me in the ear when I wasn't looking. Also, it could be from wisdom tooth roots crushing the ear nerve (kids: Get your wisdom teeth plucked AS SOON as they appear!). Lastly, NEVER put anything up your nose (you know what I mean). Happy listening!
Working around heavy machinery, shooting guns, riding motorcycles, drinking too much coffee all contributed to my having mild tinitus. Luckily, my hearing doesn't seem to be diminished, though my girlfriend claims I have a slight case of "male selective hearing." Wonder if it's related? In any case, a little tinitus is like a bit of tube rush; it's just a sign the equipment, though maybe not state of the art, is still "the good stuff."
Not specific to tinnitus, but there was an item in the recent S'phile (I think) about the Audio CD from Digital Recordings (digital-recordings.com). This is a self-administered hearing test from 20Hz to 20kHz (audiology tests normally stop around 7k). I ordered it and, let me tell you, it is very easy to use, fun to use, and the results are nice information to have. I recommend it. Would like to have another discussion at some point about the implications of our varying hearing for the systems we build.
I'm on moderate levels of NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) drugs--you know, aspirin, naprosyn, ibuprofen, for psoriatic arthritis, and have several 1-2 minute episodes of mild tinnitus each day. I suspect that caffeine AND NSAIDS together (ANACIN, EXCEDRIN) may synergize tinnitus episode onset, but I'm not sure. For me the effect is binaural but not simultaneous. My wife has just started complaining of the same phenomena, which leads me to think that there might be a component related to indoor ambient relative humidity (now that it's winter). Anybody comment on RH as a factor? Thanks. Ernie
Yes, along with all the other bells, whistles and voices.

dunno if it'll help yer tinnitus, but adding a humidifier to our hvac system made a great improvement to the air-quality in our house - more even temperatures, less sinus congestion, less dry throat, les static when touching the electronics... ;~) highly recommended...


Thanks, sedond. After my old one crapped out last year I just last week got a new double-tank humidifier, both to protect my Steinway (even though it has one built in) as well sweeten the air. No effect on the tinnitus; however, the top octaves sound smoother at higher RH (if I can get out of the way of the good Dr. Placebo!). Cheers.
30+ years of concert going without ear protection got me. A constant high pitch whistling? ringing? sound as far back as I can remember. The loudest concert I ever attended was Patti Smith openning for the Rolling Stones in late 70's. Boy that woman can scream (I stuffed toilet paper in my ears it was so loud). WEAR EARPLUGS!!!
I have bad ringing that comes and goes. When I am being lazy and not excersisng my blood pressure goes up and the ringing gets worse. If I am keeping in shape it will completely go away but it always gets its worse when I start to get into an excersise routine.
I have constant ringing in both ears from eight years as a Navy pilot. The Navy checks hearing in flight crews during the annual flight physical. The high pitched whine of the turbine engines powering the aircraft has effects on hearing and eventually leads to tinnitus. I wore hearing protection all time on the flight line and while flying but it took it's toll. Some days are worse than others, but it is there all of the time. It doesn't seem to effect my ability to critically listen to and enjoy music. I have been asked by friends to listen to their systems for evaluations and I have confirmed thier determinations or detected other things. I am curious. Several of you indicated that caffiene has an affect. Does a reduction in caffiene intake help or as in my case the damage has been done?
Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, quinine/tonic water, fatty foods and high sodium intake are all known to aggravate tinnitus.
there are some others as well in the class called "neutropics/ cognitive enhancers"...do some research on the net and you will find info
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I have tinnitis in one ear, despite all I did to protect myself through the years. I always plugged my ears when around live music, went to one rock concert in my life, never was around loud noises. The only possibility I can think of, is that I am a piano player, & occasionally an inebriated patron will stand next to me at the piano & start "scream-singing". And maybe once or twice in my life, someone has screamed into my ear. For some time, I thought my tinnitus was due to medication I was taking; however, after stopping the medication, the tinnitus remained. It is amazing how delicate the auditory system really is. Yet, there are many who seem to abuse it, and are relatively unscathed. Life is unfair!!!