Tidal 60 day free trial

If you are interested in trying Tidal, their normal 30 day free trial can be extended to 60 days free if you go through the following link:


I love Tidal and this makes it even better to try.
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Let me know if you find a link to lower the subscription :-)

My renewal coming up and it's going to be $19.95 a month.  

I signed up for 7 months promo for $15.95 back in June 2015.  

They still offer a discounted value plan if you prepay for six months at $16.99 per month. http://tidal.com/us/try-now-c
I find $20 a month a great deal even though I have a music server with close to 2000 cds.  I can't see how any audiophile wouldn't have this just for discovering new music. I have been using Amarra Tidal, it makes a nice improvement to sq also.

hi all, since this is a Tidal thread I have a question. I listen to classical music. I have tried Tidal on 2 occasions in the past year and I have been disappointed with the selection of classical offerings. If I search for a particular composer I get listings for recordings that are compilations. Spotify by comparison has a much better selection and gets my money. even though the sound quality is not as good as Tidal.
Does any else who likes classical have this experience?
theo1124, There’s a thread in the PC Audio forum about streaming classical music.
I agree in general Theo, but I find that there are still many excellent classical recordings on Tidal to make it well worthwhile for me...
The link is only for premium. Anything for hifi?
Theo, I find the same thing with classical music.  I just signed up with www.classicsonlinehd.com, excellent sound quality but not the greatest selection (also, not a great selection of major conductors or performers), but I suspect, over time the selection will improve.  Tidal does have a "catalog request form", I've used that a few times and in a short while the album shows up on Tidal.