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I just scored a sweet pair of CS 2.4SE loudspeakers. Anyone else currently or previously owned this model?
Owners of the CS 2.4 or CS 2.7 are free to chime in as well. Thiel are excellent w/ both tubed or solid-state gear!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!

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So my adcom left channel is feathering out. Staticky/hissy. I think I drove it too hard on 4 ohms too soon since the first owner never had it on anything less than 8ohms
A guy has these amps he used to drive apogee
scintillas with for sale. custom made by Lazarus whatever company that was. Thinking I might hop on those. Two whopping transformers.
So no one has found a proper midrange replacement? I’ll probably do some graphical comparisons. There’s gotta be something close something better is somewhere. I did find some David Louis audio reference tweeters however. http://https//

Just got a pair of thiel cs 3.5 that were highly abused driver wise. All driver but the one bass driver need replacing. Any other replacements that are optimal besides the David Louis audio reference tweeter and the scanspeaker midrange replacement on madisound? What about the woofers as well? Thankfully finish and the baffles are in like new condition.
I shared the link with rob and it seemed to have peaked his interest in the response I got.
How many 3.5’s were made? I was assuming it would far past the first 200...
My Lucian also doesn’t arrive till December 11
@jafant i have a line on a pair of fpb-350mc monos within an hour of me. Hopefully I can work something out with the guy. Also my luxman just made it into the states and went through (luckily) a fast approval process in us customs. I’m excited to see this thing on my rack.
Wait burst into flames? What in the hell? You serious @un
Well rob said if the speakers aren’t sounding or doing anything weird they’re probably fine just that they sit at 3 ohms. Only issues that exist is related to the power amplifier. I’m betting that because my thiels are 3 ohms they hang in the lower 2 ohms which my adcom gfa 5800 isn’t officially rated for.
@jhouse55 despite they heavy electrical abuse they went through with the last owners, the finish on mine were damn near flawless. Obviously minor scuff here and there but other than that, almost perfect finish. I wish I could help but I’ve never tried to get rid of fading or stains on the finish of speakers.

Here’s the system currently in case no one has seen what mine is looking like
My thiel system is the adcom 5800 with AudioQuest type 9 cables I’m planning on getting. The amp will change to a krell fpb 300 or luxman m700/900u in the future.
If my luxman ls processor outputs happen to not be suitable for pre amp use I have a new pre amp to get. Useless as a pre amp anyways since you can’t adjust any of the bass or high frequency filters whatsoever. Probably most likely just meant to be used as an integrated only, not a pre amp. I have my fiio k5 pro hooked up and no sound oscillation so far.
So I don’t know if my amp is doing this weird warbling thing or if it’s frequencies that don’t belong in certain drivers going to those drivers. Just now it did this weird clicking thing going from channel to channel.
Problem with the fiio is that at low volumes it’s a little imbalanced. Anyone have recommendations for good pre amps? Was looking at Aragon pre amps the other day.
So I have removed my luxman from the equation and I am now using my fiio k5 pro as a pre amp. No problems so far
Bone dog my thiel 3.5 have the scanspeak 10f in them I think they sound great however I haven’t heard the originals because my thiels only had one working bass driver so all the drivers are bought from donor thiels that were too far gone to save I’m assuming 
The aq type 9 are a whole nother level of improvement over the cables I was using in the thiel system. Much more detail more open. Improved bass. @jafant 
@thieliste  not sure I put out an ad for thiel 3.7/7.2 wanted on eBay in my area to see what happens. Hopefully I can snag something and make a deal where I pay monthly dues.
@thieliste 450 watts at 4 ohms aren’t good enough?
That ambiguity is why I’ve been going to YouTube videos with the amps present in them and asking questions.
tom heat sinks on the crossovers? Should I check my crossovers for damage per the condition my speakers were in with disconnected voice coil on the woofer and one tweeter that was toast?
I’m paying off the aq type 9
My thiels have a mellowness to them on this adcom amp right now.
My main system is a pair of imf tls 80, the audire forte with 200,000 uf capacitance 😉 and the Pioneer SA-9100 Running as pre. Cable wise is the MIT MH750 cables in the system.

second one will be a luxman pre so th an adcom gfa 5800 and these thiels once I do the midrange drop in and try out those tweeters. Will use midrange until something pops up or maybe nudge a few buttons as I managed to do for the ol dahlquist I had and get a speaker company to make an exact replacement driver but that’s $$$$$$$
Update on amp. Going to the shop
I did see that but peter seems to be more optimistic about the David Louis tweeters. Anyhow something I noticed new on my amp is that my positive terminal spins. Is this just a tighten and you’re fine or does it need to be replaced issue? For some reason when I turn on the right channel it also pops in the left I turn on the left and it makes a pop again. The speaker connection loose issue or a different issue altogether?
My new thiel woofer from eBay came in. They have the positive terminal labeled and the negative terminal blank. Takes all the guess work out. However, it seems one screw broke off inside the baffle so yeah. I don’t think that’s coming out. Anyways new woofer in and the old woofer out. Now to donate that woofer to rob. The voice coil glue is seperated from the cone.

Any way to tell if the woofers are from the first batch through the speaker model numbers and apply new adhesive myself if I’m able to?
I just wonder when a proper prospective investor/buyer, that will stick to thiel’s original ideology/ideas with love and care, Will buy the company and make the retro designs and begin the stride to new designs building on Thiels ideas properly. Oh god I would love to see thiel audio come back to life making the proper products rather than what came after the x.x models. I wish I had the money to do this personally cause I love audio and watch videos on making speakers all the time.
So putting in the temporary midrange drivers just so I can enjoy them till there’s a better replacement do I just sink them all the way in?... cause I did that...
you’re going to sell a pair of 3.7? 
The thiels are alive and loving the 450 watts of class a/b amplification.
@prof i predict the thiels will sound bright as Bryston amps I hear tend to be a “hard bright” sound. 
@unsound i have the eq however I think I’ll have it gone through and upgrade the insides. I’m pretty pleased with the sound without the eq to be honest 
I’m just using digital sources. Tidal/cd player. The device going into it will be a fiio m11 pro dsd player. And seen as how the pairing is a splendid one the adcom isn’t going anywhere.
Well ps audio bhk 250/300 or m700 here I come
My audire forte can do 2 ohms 400 watts but problem is that the parts for the amp is so rare I don’t want something to go wrong and then it might as well be paperweight. Anyone got recommendations for amps I can find used under 10k for the 3.7 cause I’m probably more likely to get the amp first than the speakers.
I’m looking for a class a dac/pre-amp combo  that has a large power supply (uf) anyone have recommendations?
On the other hand someone on the adcom fb page says their 5800 is powering polks that live in the 2 ohm range just fine
Although anyone got feedback on the luxman m700/m900u amps I’d rather get?
I read the Aragon 2004/4004 can run two ohms can anyone confirm?
I’m honestly going to probably go krell or audio research if the place nearby will let me finance.
Luxman m900u happens to be at the top of my list if any place will let me finance.
I read things on zobel networks commonly being used with thiels speakers and amps used with them can anyone explain this? As well as the alpha goertz cables people talk about.
I read the main reason for the change was the cracking of the baffles. Weight being second.
I do want to know my thiel 3.5 sit at 3.0 ohms when they don’t have an amp hooked up or nothing. Does this indicate an issue within?