There Coming Back

Panasonic has report plans to revive Technics turntables between April 2016 and March 2017, included will be a new direct-drive motor the Panasonic claims will significantly improve the quality of the sound. Look for other major electronic companies to follow.
Albert Porter has brought this to attention with more information
on his his system page. It does look interesting.
Here is a What Hi*Fi? article on this.
How mow $$?
Czarivey...I charge about $100 to mow. :-)
Next step must be re-release of Technics 100cMK4 MM cartridge and 100ED4 stylus, also new version of EPA 100-500 Tonearms.

Everyone posting this "news" on facebook today, most people expect a dj turntable for some reason, djs are happy about it.

New turntable? I'm good with my SP10 mk2

P.S. newly released Pioneer was not a P3 unfortunately :(

I think it's hard to beat SP10 mk2 and mk3, so probably it must be another mass market product?
They're coming back?
Mofimadness, for half-hour or an hour?
A couple of weeks ago, I posted my Technics SP10 Mk2 on C*list at 4am. By 6am, two responders said they would take it, sight unseen. One offered me $500 over the posted price to ignore the first responder. I sold it to the first responder at just $200 over my original asking price. He was happy to pay it. I think it was because it had the original box (from 1977) and the manuals for the table, arm and cartridge. Amazing! The point is that the direct drive Technics SP10 still has a strong following among audiophiles, despite its age.