the nordost blue heaven power cord

please comment 

do you like it??
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to be snarky- it does a great job holding down the truck when I go to Home Depot.
Now, seriously, if you want people to actually provide meaningful comments, you might ask if Blue Heaven is a good power cord on XYZ component- otherwise this is not going to get you any sort of quality answer.
Depends what it's going to power. I have 2 of those cables, work well with my Phone pre and CDP. Didn't notice any change when used on my amp though.
my amp is a mimetism 15.2 which is warm so I use a shiva power cord

with the amp

and the cdp is the hegel cdp2a mk2 and I want to use the blue heaven 

power cord with the cdp
what do you think jwpstayman?
It made a difference in my system.  I have heard a lot of a/b comparisons and for the money the Blue Heaven is well worth it.
I highly recommend a power cord.

Very difficult to get past the very low noise floor without one.

The  Blue Heaven power cord is perfect to get an idea if the Nordost line works for your ears. It has the same build technology as the upper end line.

The Shiva and the Blue Heaven are essentially the same build. I wonder if it would even be worth the expense? 

Speaker and room setup do more than cable obsession.

I want to let the blue heaven powering my cdp // the shiva is suitable for my amp  

I keep the same set up beside trying the blue heaven PC as the shiva

works for my amp and I have other power cords

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and a lot more expensive??