The New Jeff Rowland amplifiers ROCK

Just got back from the CES yesterday and saw some of the awesome new lines, I love the new class AB Rowland pieces.
Absolutely wonderful! 925 and 625 AB amplifiers.
Did any one know about this? well thats the place to find out I guess. Hansen had their new speakers with the Tenor monos and they were nice too.

Funny that many companies were not there at the same time.
Rowland went with the AB design since the class D was for the more affordable group. Very nice selection from this long running company.
Hi Rapogee, I was not able to attend CES, but managed to get a little more scant info about the new Rowland products. Here is what little I know for now:

925 monoblock amplifier -- 4 chassis balanced design; class A/b; power rating between 450W and 500W per channel; multi-regulated SMPS with PFC rectified front end; List price $48,000. Probably end March deliveries.

625 stereo amp -- Class A/B balanced; around 350W per channel; regulated SMPS with PFC rectified front end; single chassis design I believe; $12,500. probable end march deliveries.

Corus preamplifier -- 1 and a half chassis design. . . main chassis contains all audio circuits and controls, while a separate heavy aluminum box contains multi regulated AC SMPS with integrated passive PFC rectification. . . the power supply is apparently same as in Criterion, but without batteries. The rest of the circuit is also apparently substantially the same as that of Criterion. . . but it might lack some seldom used features (not sure about this). Price is $10,800. I heard about late January deliveries, but I am not quite sure.

I have not received official specs from Rowland, so all of this might change. . . but I have my greedy eyes on 925. . . we'll see if lust has the better of me (grins!) G.
Hi Rapogee,

which loudspeakers were they driving?
Hi Clavil,

Maybe I should not have been too excited with what I said being a big Rowland fan. I always liked their original amplifiers and have owned several and tried their class D verisions and they were not my cup of tea, still very good but different and was wondering why until I spoke to Jeff himself. These current new models are going to be for the true Rowland afficianados that can afford them, true AB with new PS/ circuits and the new machined cuts are to die for. They were only on display, all of them. I made sure I went on the last day of the show to this room so that I could have a chat with the man himself. It was like a zoo on the first day.
Claude, Rowland had some new Avalon speakers in the suite, but these were not connected to the new amps.
Yes I forgot that the Avalon room was nice sounding too with those Rowlands, those were the current monoblocks but not the new generation onces that are discussed here.
The Rowland room had no speakers, just displays of their full line. I was just running through my photos and I went into all the rooms for sure, I believe there was another room using Rowland as well.
yes Guido,
I believe the new Avalon Time was driven by 2 301

could you shortly tell me why Rowland class D is not your cup of tea and what do you prefer in Rowland AB?

Oh, Lord... let's go to the next CES to see those class AB Jeff Rowland. Will be my first one. Well, should be nice.

I hope that Corus won't be better than Criterion, because I like 2 chassis in preamp.

Rapogee, do you known how can I get the date for the next CES? Here, in Brasil, we don't have marketing for that things?

Hi, Guido, if you read these lines, why I can't access your Criterion thread any more?
Braz, considering that the circuit of Corus is largely derived from Criterion and is designed to yield similar performance at a lower price point, it is difficult for me to expect that Corus will exceed the performance of Criterion.

On the subject of the disparecido, no meaningful answer was provided.
In the meantime has anyone heard the new amps from Jeff Rowland.
Dtanclim, some of the new JRDG products are being shown at the Munich show this weekend. But I believe they are in a static display. I have no reports yet on the sound of Model 925 and Model 625 amps. G.  
Hi Guido, That's disappointing if they're only having a static dsiplay without showcasing the amps sonic capabilities. I'm sure all Rowland fans would be interested to know when the amps would be out to the dealers and hopefully they also do something about their website which has been consistently behind release of their new gear.
Due to auto-ranging circuitry and dual-stage voltage regulation, the audio
performance will not be affected by any voltage fluctuations within the operating
voltage range. The CORUS PREAMPLIFIER can be operated at any mains voltage
over the range of 85 to 265 VAC without any adjustments necessary.

ergo insensitive to power cable ? ...

difficult to believe

do we know somenting about the price in the US ?
Price of Corus preamp in US is $12,200. G.
I checked with the factory. It appears that an interim draft of the Corus manual was posted to the web site while the final draft was being reviewed. The most recent version of the document, should become downloadable soon. The newest version should address a number of small textual issues and clarifications. G.
I have heard it today with Puccini+Clock & the 312 on Avalon Ascendants...
difficult to say something as I couln't compare it to the Capri and as these loudspeakers are limited ... but as usual beautfully build! ... it seems to be the exact replica of the upper part of the Criterion

but once again here in Europe the price jumps: 16'500 $
Hi Claude, I have not seen Corus. But, for what I have been told, the main chassis of Corus probably looks very much like the control chassis of Criterion. But in Corus, main chassis houses audio section as well as control section. Power supply in Corus is in an external box, which can sit somewhere on the floor, because the connecting cables are 2M long. I looked at the specs, and the external SMPS box appears to have same dimensions as an external PC-1 rectifier.
Rowland went with the AB design since the class D was for the more affordable group
From above ,Even ol Jeff knows what sounds best .
In looking over the Corus manual, I see no mention of a phono option. Does anyone know if Jeff will continue to offer phono boards for the Corus as he has for other recent preamps?

On the one hand it looks like he is abandoning phono and on the other it appears that he is throwing full support and creativity into analog recording, which I had thought was really dead. Am I out of touch or is this as weird as I think it is?
Macro, Corus manual does not discuss internal phono cards because... there is no provision for internal phono cards in either Corus or Criterion. G.
Any update for the start shipment date on model 625 & 925 ?