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Setting Anti-Skate on VPI Fatboy Tonearm
If you need to use the VPI anti-skate device (depends on the arm and cart, IME), the easiest way to set it is with the Peter Lederman method as previously mentioned. Using an LP with a wide lead-out groove or a grooveless LP helps with this. Then ... 
Is There Any Advantage To Move To A Herron Audio 2-2A From A VTPH MC Plus ?
What not call Keith and ask him? 
Maximizing VPI Prime Performance
@MisterPigNo such issues with the VPI ring...https://youtu.be/g6gIATp595Y 
Maximizing VPI Prime Performance
IME, in no particular order:1.  The VPI Periphery Ring (which is a lot heavier than the others out there) and HRX center weight.  Noticed darker backgrounds when listening to quiet passages at high overall gain.  Also provides more platter mass fo... 
Phono Preamp Tube Rush
@daveyf and @mulveling Agree 100%.  Can't avoid tube rush even with the best of tube phono stages.  It is very faintly there.  Whether you actually hear it will depend on how low output your MC cart is (and thus how much gain you need). 
Phono Preamp Tube Rush
@ three_easy_payments I agree. The VTPH-2A is a very highly regarded and designed unit. Even way above its price point. And very musical. There is unanimity on that.As for tubes, I eventually found a set of 12AX7 EH tubes that tested and sounded b... 
Phono Preamp Tube Rush
I also have the VTPH-2A. Great phono stage. I am using a Hashimoto HM7 SUT with it. At one time, I did have a little tube rush that could be heard from my listening position if I maxed out the gain on my preamp with nothing playing. So, I tried di... 
Phono stage with 3 inputs
A few...Jeff Rowland Conductor - 1MM input + up to 3 MC inputsWavestream Kinetics Phono Stage - 1MM + 2MC inputsSolution 751 or 755 - 1MM + 2MC inputs 
Nakamich Service Info
Willy is also great too. 
Nakamich Service Info
ESL labs in CT if you can wait and have the funds. 
DENAFRIPS DAC ---- Owner Impressions, Feedback, General Discussion, Questions and more....
Has anyone compared the Denafrips DACs to R2R DACs from the past? Of course Redbook CDs only.  
Dynavector XX2 mk2 vs Lyra DELOS which is better?
As compared to? 
Worth it to try a SUT with a 103R and Herron VTPH-2?
If you're married to the 103R, my vote is also upgrading the VTPH2 to a 2A.FWIW, I'm using a Hashimoto HM7 SUT into a VTPH2A.  
Seeking advice on several specific MC Step Up Transformers
The JC3+ uses the same opamps as the JC3.  The main one is the BB OPA2134. 
Seeking advice on several specific MC Step Up Transformers
"JC designed Halo JC3+ is way way better that a MM + SUT"I would disagree with this from my experience, but some prefer phono stages with op amps.