The cleaning of an LP jacket

I hadn't bought a used LP in a while, but did today. The LP itself is pretty clean, and will be even cleaner after it gets washed. But the cardboard jacket (cover) is a little nasty, more so than the ones I usually buy. What methods and products have all ya'll used to get them clean? With my normal not-so-dirty ones, I've always just set the jacket on the kitchen or dining room table and rubbed it with a folded paper towel. This cover looks like more drastic measures might be required to get the grime off.
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I use what the Sleeve City guy has recommended...the anti-bacterial wipes.
The name brand are the way to go as they have more of the chemical/s that provide better cleaning/disinfecting. I also use it on labels that are of the slick coating variety.. Any jacket or label that has a matte finish should be taken with caution regarding any cleaning method for obvious reasons. Believe anti-bacterial agent is very welcome on old lp jackets...

..always squeeze out the excess first.
 I would check the switch first do you have an ohmmeter ? First open the unit up and unplug it. Then turn the switch to on And check for continuity across three different terminations leading from the power in to the motor.  I say this because I had 16.5 And my switch failed which VPI can replace very cheaply. Although I did sell Mine and bought a new audio desk ultrasound. However the VPI is built like a tank and can last many many years it just may have to do some minor repairs along the way.
I doubt that theo's suggestion of an ohmmeter will help at all!  ;^)

I used a lightly dampened paper towel or gum eraser in the past.  But I like the prospect of slaw's suggestion much better.

Of course it may make a difference between glossy printed covers VS matt paper, the latter being more easily damaged by moisture.

One positive I can recommend is for removing price stickers and labels.  If you do any electronics work you may have a heat gun.  That can work wonders (with low setting) on even very old, dried out labels.  A plastic edged scraper can then make pealing away the label much easier.  A hair dryer might work but I expect has a lower heat range.

But another issue is signatures or notes made with a ball-point pen.  Years ago there was an ink eradicator easily available but no longer.  That may not have been much more than bleach?  Any suggestions for this problem would also be appreciated.
Unless they've really messed up the cover, I like previous owners' notes. I have some from the 60s with gift notes which are great.

When I started buying 45's as a 12 year old, I wrote my name on them all, so when we had dance parties I would know which were mine. Don't have them any more, but someone else may, and is wondering who I am ;-).

The UK type glossy jackets are not a problem---they can be cleaned with liquid. It's our U.S. paper ones that don't appreciate getting wet. I've used Bestine (found at art supply stores) for years to remove price sticker glue residue, which if applied very sparingly does no harm. Slaw, where did "the Sleeve City guy" make his recommendation, and what was it? What is the name brand? I agree, bacteria on LPs and their jackets is not something I care for!


If you go to he has several videos showing various things. The name brands I was referring to are Clorox or Lysol not the store brands. This website seems to not be working right, I'll have to look into it later.
Is Sleevecity out of business?  I just tried that link and saw their domain is for sale.

bdp24, if you were famous I wouldn't mind your autograph, but if you're not I'd rather have the jacket/label clean. ;^)
I think this is the link that you seek:

Thanks slaw, I’ll go to the website.

@pryso, speaking of which, I received an email with a 20% off coupon from Barnes & Noble, so went to the store in Portland to see what their LP section looked like. On some titles B & N has versions exclusive to them, different in some way from the standard release---colored vinyl, etc. I found the Marty Stuart And His Fabulous Superlatives’ Way Out West LP with the cover autographed by all four members. They actually sat down and signed a pile of LP covers before they were shrink-wrapped, for distribution to Barnes & Noble only. Kinda cool to have, and at 20% off!

Thanks @cleeds, your link worked.

I use Meguiars Scratch X (car finish product) to clean off 'shiny' or coated LP covers. One other plus is it perks up the color on some covers. I place the Scratch X on a Viva paper towel. Viva are more like cloth than paper. (the current production VIVA only the full sheet are softer, the half sheet type are now halfway to paper feel, instead of the softer feel of the full sheet product.) Be aware on some covers the Scratch X will start to take the color OFF.
The dull ones I use a Scotch 'storage' packing tape. (this packing tape is less sticky and peels off easy. I slide it over the dirt and it picks up a lot of the dirt. If you use ordinary packing tape if it stops sliding and sticks, it can rip the paper. the storage is way less likely to tear the paper peeling it off.
The most impossible to clean are the slightly fuzzy paper covers.
Well, I think if one is a (member) they'll get a % off ( Barnes & Noble)'s purchases.

To each his own.................wait "it's plain to see, to walk alone".....

Remember...America?  the music remains.
Recently received an order from Sleeve City, so I don't believe they are Out of Business.