Cleaning Grill Cloth

I cant blame anyone because I didnt see it happen, but there seems to be finger marks on my grill cloth on my thiel 1.6's. Right in front of the tweeter, all is fine with the speakers no problem there but depending on the angle you look at the speaker, you can see it.

How should I go about cleaning the grill cloth it "looks" like maybe a little one may have had wet or sticky hands that innocently touched the cloth.

Any suggestions?
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Call thiel for their sugestion. You could try a mild detergent or baby shampoo and gently rub the spotted area.

After removing the grill I would try a damp cloth and rub gently.
hey guys question, i did try about week ago just water and a toothbrush and i was afraid to scrub hard. since it was wet you could see the ring mark of the water. so i put a hair dryer to it and that worked but i guess since i didn't use a cleaner of some sort the marks are still there.

Do you know if air drying would work or is the hair dryer ok to do after i try this a second time.

If you used heat it could cause the stain to set in the fabric. It sounds like there are oils in the fabric. One of the best cleaners for removing grease and oils is dishwashing liquid and it rinses clean.
like run water from the faucet through the grill cloth once i have it cleaned?