Sweethearts of the rodeo tour

Good day all,

Am still elated by the show last evening at Town Hall in NYC, Roger, Chris plus Marty Stuart and his band, so much more than my expectations, I am going to see if there is another stop on this tour I could get to, well worth the effort, and I am more of a Chris Hillman fan than I ever thought possible.  Plus Marty Stuart, I always though he/they were great, but they were even better.

What a show! Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives are a fantastic band, really, really great. Drummer/singer Harry Stinson is a true musical artist, not just a noise maker. To see how good a band they are, watch the clip from their appearance on the old Letterman show. Dave just about jumps outta his skin!
You didn't record it, did you?
How can I get a copy?
If only they could get Gram back - who I think really pushed Chris making sweetheart - you heard the album with all the out takes and studio versions??
Yes, I bought the recording with the outtakes, etc.  David Fricke wrote the liner notes. I once lived in the same building (West End and 103rd, NYC) as he does, we would often talk over laundry in the basement.  Not sure why I wrote that last part.  

While Gram Parsons is given the lion’s share of credit for The Byrds’ Sweethearts Of The Rodeo album, to relegate Chris Hillman to a mere supportive role is, I maintain, a grave injustice. Remember, it was Hillman who was in a working Bluegrass band before joining the Byrds, not Parsons. Gram (real name Ingram Cecil Connor III. Not exactly a Hillbilly ;-) was in a Collegiate Folk group (at Harvard. Think "Michael Row The Boat Ashore" ;-), and while he evolved into a fine songwriter, was nowhere near the musician or singer Chris is. I realize that may be a minority opinion ;-) .

I attended the Gram Parsons Tribute Show at The Universal Amphitheater in the late-90’s, which was a mixed bag. Keith Richards closed the show (singing a duet with Norah Jones on a song incorrectly credited by many to Parsons---he included it on his Grievous Angel album in a duet with Emmylou Harris, The Everly Brothers perfect 1960 recording of the Boudleaux Bryant-written "Love Hurts", the first version of this majestic song, and the definitive one), but conspicuously absent were both Chris Hillman and Emmylou Harris. A tribute to Parsons without Chris and Emmylou? Ridiculous!

Keith should stay home, I'm over him and his "...".  But I agree, Hillman was one of the stars at the Town Hall show.  

@rpeluso, Keith was acting so lasciviously leering towards Norah it was disgusting. He was all over her, like a drunk at a bar. Like your uncle hitting on your mom or sister, it was really creepy. And you’re right----what is that thing of his where he behaves like everything he says is SO funny? He really thinks he’s irresistibly charming, doesn’t he?

When I was in Music Millennium last Thursday The Stones’ version of "It’s All Over Now" (one of their better covers) came over the system, and I was reminded of how good a Rock ’n’ Roll guitarist Keith once was. That was a long time ago. In his 1987 documentary on Chuck Berry (Hail! Hail! Rock ’n’ Roll), Chuck, Keith, and the band he put together for the live concert are rehearsing some songs, including "Carol". Chuck’s original guitar part includes a section where the phrase is played with the strings bent up for the first note, then "unbent" for the second, bent back up for the third, again unbent for the fourth. That’s very unusual---Blues guitarists always bend up to a note. When the song came to that part, Keith played it backwards---the first note unbent, the second bent, etc. Chuck stops the band and shows Keith how to play it correctly. They start again, and when they come to the same section Keith again plays it backwards; he just can’t get it right. Kinda lame!

hey bdp and others I just scored 5th row tickets for Marty & the Superlatives at a small venue near my hometown in Oct 2019.....seriously stoked!!!!

Big Clarence White and Byrds fan here....
I saw MS has a new lp coming out.

Marty is coming to Washington, but opening for Steve Miller.

@pehare, Clarence getting hit by a car and dying was SUCH a tragedy. What a waste. I've performed a lot of CH-era Byrds songs in bands, especially their version of Dylan's "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere". There's a great version of that song on The Basement Tapes, upon which The Byrds version is modeled.