Svs sub : should i go with sb13 ultra or pb 13

Hi, guys. In a hifi perspective, what is better : sealed subwoofer (sb13 ultra - svs) or ported sub (pb13 ultra - svs) ?

In general, a sealed sub is considering more linear.... But in the same time stereophile considered the ported sub sp13-ultra really good.... I am confused.

What is your opinion or experience on this subjet ?

I always preferred a sealed sub when used for two channel stereo. If it is for home theater a ported will give you more of the boom which many like for that type of application (sound effects). Why don't you order both and return the one you don't like? SVS has a nice return policy.
The PB13 Ultra comes with port plugs and is designed to be used either with or without them. I would go for the PB13 ultra and try it both ways and decide which you prefer.
In addition to the previous post, the sealed version is a relatively modest 17.5 inch cube weighing 92 pounds. The ported version is a very large 22.5 x 20.5 x 27 inches and weighs in at 155 pounds. That should also be a consideration in your choice. If that is not a problem, then go for the ported version for the reason mentioned in my previous post.
Have you tried speaking with the folks over @ SVS? They have a selection wizard that lets you input details about your room, gear etc and will then make recommendations. You can then speak to the people @ SVS via e-mail or phone. I did this a year or so ago and had a good conversation with SVS. I didn't go with any SVS subs due to multiple system changes but they were cool to talk to.

Best of luck
I love my SVS SB13 Plus(95% same as SB13 Ultra) and would highly recommend it for application 60/40 music/HT but if size and WAF are not issue, the PB13 Ultra is the way to go for HT extension/impact with option for sealed mode for music.

Another option to think about. If you have the space,get two PB-2000's or SB-2000's for less the price than the Ultra's. Many like two subs better than one!
Which ever way you go consider purchasing a DSpeaker Antimode 8033c or 8033s to go with it. I have the 8033c on my 2039pc+, in the living room for HT purposes. The 8033c was the finishing touch that took the bass from very good to WOW!

Good Luck
hi guys,

first, thanks for your posts. i really appreciate.

About your recommandations :

i have Reference 3A (grand veena) speakers. These speakers are for me incredible 'cause they have a huge Soundstage. I planned to use a Dspeaker dual core for the speakers not for the subwoofer considering that SVS's subwoofer have a parametric EQ. So i just need a sound analyser to adjust the sound's sub.

About your recommandation to use 2 subwoofers, i not sure that i could go with that configuration (space issue)

But about the initial subject, what sort of subwoofer i need to used (sealed or ported) in an audiophile perspective (only), i have noticed that you have different opinions.

Rel designed only Sealed sub, in the same time Wilson audio did a ported subwoofer (Thor's Hammer - i had a chance to listen it, and trust me it's fanstastic)

So, if they 're sealed and ported subwoofer on the HI-FI's market, did it means that the choice must be oriented by the size of the listening room (12 x 23 ft in my case) ?
Sealed subs generally provide tighter (more highly damped) bass than ported models. You can check "group delay" specs at (if they're available for the models you're considering) and you'll see one measure of this characteristic. The trade-off is less true deep bass output per cubic foot of enclosure volume.

Most people prefer sealed subs for music, because you don't need a ton of clean output in the 20hz region for music (tho you might for cinema) and tighter bass is often (tho not always) a better match for high-end main speakers.
I have an SVS PB13 Ultra in black gloss with Casta Acoustic D8 floorstanding speakers and they blend perfectly. I run it at 80hz crossover and maybe 2 on the dial with all ports plugged. Just stunning. Mind you I had a $600 Hifi Pyon Mythology sub platform madeI for it because the little rubber feet did nothing for it. Now the pitch is perfect, tight and well tuned. I would go for either SVS. You can't go wrong. Good luck!
I had two SB-2000's and they hit low with those rumbly notes that seem to crawl around on the floor when you encounter them - but I never quite got them to integrate well with my Buchardt S400's.  I got a REL T/7i and quickly had it dialed in.  It doesn't rattle the walls or the dishes so you do lose that swampy bottom if that's what you look for.
Read this. It has been the most informative concerning subs that I have been able to find, to date.