Sutherland Phono Blocks

Does anyone have any experience with the Sutherland Phono Block Phono Preamp?
Any information is greatly appreciated as there is not much information on them.
Any feedback is much appreciated.
Thank you
I see no one has chimed in. I do have a PH1 premium phono preamp and it's steller. Very detailed and articulate. I wouldn't say warm. It brings out the best in a cartridge. I think it was class A or B in Stereophile in 2001. I would imagine the new ones are even better!.
The PH-1 is excellent. I was one of the early adopter and enjoyed it thoroughly. Eventually, i switched to a Whest.

Both are superb. 
I have the original Phono Blocks paired with a VPI Classic 3, Spectral 30sv preamp and Spectral 400 mono blocks.  Speakers are EgglestonWorks Rosa.  The Phono Blocks are excellent sounding.  Before them I had the Southerland Hubble (I got tired of changing the batteries).  Ron Southerland is very helpful.  He answered my questions about set up and sent me some blank boards to make custom plug ins for gain and loading.