What gives with Sutherland Engineering?

I've tried calling thier business with the phone number provided here on A-Gon, (913-841-3355) no luck, both times was told it was an invalid phone number. Tried emailing through the link on A-Gon, no good, the email came back instantly as undeliverable. I had no luck acessing their website from the A-Gon Link, and when trying to access their site through a listed Stereophile review, I got re-directed to a Blackjack Gambling site?

Are these people even in business? Sure doesn't look like it, and if they are, they do appear to be impossible to contact. mark
Contact Acoustic Sounds at 1-800-716-3553 and you'll find out.
They sell Sutherland product.
Thank you Audiomax. You are correct, and I have contacted them this morning. Thank you! Mark
big trouble in little china
Sorry for the hassle. I figure most people will contact acoustic sounds. my email is ronsuthe@swbell.net

take care,

Ron Sutherland