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A rookie with 10K, seeking advise
Direct power from breaker to amplification Some effective room treatment that  removes 70% of the problems Integrated amp (Parasound Hint 6) Speakers ( JBL 4309) and stands that allow for height adjustment Digital Source (Yamaha CD NT670) A... 
Technics SL 1200GR with What Cartridge???
Good day @audioguy85, I am very happy with the 4309's. My room is small (3m x4m) . Placement is easy. They were AB-ed with a pair of ATC SCM20's. The JBL' s were chosen in 6-0 score in my set up. I used Metallica -Black Album, ACDC -Razors Edge, ... 
Pre Playback Wipedown
Thank you all for your input. Unfortunately, my question still remains unanswered. Please do help. Formulation.  
Technics SL 1200GR with What Cartridge???
AT 540 is the way to go.   
Dust cover up or down?
Down. To prevent dust settling in the record. If you are in a fairly dust free environment, then, you could leave it up for convenience. For me in industrial Singapore, I see benefits from keeping it down.  
Best music in 2022
Secrets of the Moon - Black House  
When You Buy The Whole Album And Only Like One Song.
Spotify. Singles.    
Can a great system make a mediocre recording sound good?
A great system makes a mediacore recording sound more mediacore.  
Best Rock Drummers
Dave Lombardo - Slayer Jon Bonham - Led Zep  
Favorite religious song
Hell Awaits by Slayer. A good reminder      
ATC or Audio Note (2-way)
I'll solve your dilemma. Jbl 4309. Best of both worlds. Next alternative would be Living Voice OBX  
Horn speakers for vintage sound
First, what is : "budget"   Then' check out the JBL 4309. You will keep them for a long long time.   
ATC SCM 7 V.3 and
Test the JBL 4309, blew my SCM20 out of the water. Bought the JBL.  
What does a subwoofer solve?
Brings more problems than benefits. Get a good full range and use the sub for HT only  
Testing stylus wear.
Many of us have this issue. Thanks for bringing it up. The easiest way is exactly the way you describe. Have a spare new replacement stylus, and when you feel that it's worn, swop and listen. If it sounds similar, swop back and store the new. If i...