Sutherland Duo overkill?

My equipment:
Rotel RB-981 amp
PrimaLuna Evo 300 preamp (same as Evo 400- just no balanced connectors)
VOI Prime Signature TT
Hana ML low output cartridge
Nordost Heimdall II tonearm cable
Nordost Heimdall II interconnect cable from phono stage to preamp
Cardas Neutral Reference speaker cables
Harbeth 30.2 XD 40th anniversary speakers
SolidSteel S4-3 audio rack

My phono stage is 15 years old, I bought it with my Scoutmaster. Now I have the Prime Signature w/ Hana ML cartridge (for now), and in the spring I will finally buy a good Amp in the $5-8k Range.
not overkill

upper lehmanns (decade, bc se2)
rega aria
ayre p5xe

all excellent and should fit in with rest of the gear you have

you could also look at the rotel as the next piece to upgrade
Totally agree, I don't think it's overkill at all. Seems right in line with your gear, and I think gives you some room to grow in the cartridge area if you ever wanted to. Seems like the right gear to update at the right time. 
Well, I have the Chinook and the Duo coming on Monday afternoon. It's going to be fun.
That's awesome! Enjoy the comparison time, and I'd love to hear your impressions once you've had a little time with both units. 
Duo is not overkill , my vote is  Sutherland 2020 with LPS, I have it , it’s superb...
The ML is super and capable of great music :-) I am running one , I would say you have a tough choice ahead.... but fun