Sutherland - Ph.D. Phono Stage


I have sold all the analog equitment I had and replace it with a Raven One with stillpoints, Graham Phantom B 44 with silver wire, and at the moment I use a Shelter 501 mk 2, I know that canĀ“t provide what the rest can, I will replace it lather.
A question it bathering me dos the Sutherland Pnono stage need a "burn in" rest of the stuff in HIFI.
Can you hear a differce and what???

Take care.
A burn in? You mean does it get better from new with time? I would suspect so to a point.

As from a dead start-up, the Sutherland sounds good, as there doesn't seem to be any warm-up time. It's great from the first seconds it begins to play. Mark