Surround pre quality

I am expecting the new Oppo BDP-83 soon. I plan on using the dvd player for processing the audio and the analog outputs into a receiver or processor. If I am not using one of these for the processing does the quality of the unit make that much difference? I have a Rotel RSX-1055 receiver that has 5.1 inputs would that sound close to a Rotel 968 Lexicon, MC4 or Krell Soundstage? I won't be using the internal amps of the receiver. I also don't care about the 2-channel performance, I have a separate pre for that.
I meant Rotel RSP-1068 or RSP-1098 not 968.
Well, do you think that all preamps sound the same, regardless of design, price or source? If so, it makes no difference what you choose.

Does the Rotel sound like your analog 2 channel preamp?

Thanks Kal, I figured I knew the answer, I'm trying to decide what to do. I have a Meridian 561, which I love, but it doesn't have 5.1 inputs.
If you do not need video processing and all the bass/channel/levels can be done in the player, consider an all analog mch preamp for this. There are many that I have reviewed. I am currently using the very reasonably priced Parasound P7.

I do not need any video processing, but I do need some digital processing for movies broadcasted or from Direct TV. So I do need a unit that is decent for analog and digital

I've read your review of P7 with much interest. I was somewhat surprised at the favorable review as your recent focus was on HDMI based processors and the use of room correction. And I thought you were rather dismissive of analog preamps for MCH music. What happened? Are MCH preamps making a comeback? Is there any room for MCH analog preamps in the market when HT is dominated by HDMI processors and most audiophiles have not embraced MCH? More importantly, how does the sound through P7 compare against HDMI processors with room correction engaged?
What an inquiring mind! I make no precise choices between HDMI/processor configurations (which are convenient and flexible) and all-analog configurations (for those with such predilections). Either works well if, in the latter case, one can do most of the processing in the player and handle room acoustics in other ways (from room engineering to add-on boxes). It is more of a philosophical divide and I am trying to present both sides.

Personally, I prefer the all-digital route on principle.

Hi folks. Rather than start a new thread, this one seems pretty close to my question.
I am pretty new to all of this. My apologies in advance if this is a question better posed somewhere else.

I am about 50/50 ht to 2ch but have been less picky about ht set up. In part I think because I find blu ray so captivating that I haven’t felt the need to try and improve on what comes out of a ps3 via hdmi.

What I am curious about now is the world of ht pre/pros. My 2ch listening is all digital and I would love to not need a separate 2ch pre and 2ch dac.

Are there multi ch pre/pros out there with quality dac sections and hdmi inputs and outputs that are considered to present 2ch digital content well?

The other choice would be to invest in a high quality multi format player like the Ayre but it seems to me that if I am going to have that high quality dac stage and output that I would want to use it with as many sources as possible.
I have an Onkyo PR-SC886P Pre on it's way.It's a refurb and I bought from
I thought about a lex or Krell, but I decided to go with the Onkyo, because of the Audessy Eq feature.
From what I understand it's digital processing is very good, analog is ok, but I won;t need that. I have a seperate 2 channel pre.

Jeff - Looks like the current integra 9.8 or 9.9. Are they similar? Let me know how you like it once you get it up and running.
What kind of sources will you be using and how will you connect everything?
It's the same as the 9.9 and the refurb price is hard to pass up. If you are interested, AVS forums has a thread that is good reading. Kal, also did a review on the previous model, in Stereophile. Music in the Round, Jan. 2008.
I will be using the new Oppo Blu Ray player to process the audio and pass them through the HDMI connection to the Onkyo. All I will have other than that will be some broadcst movies and sports.
Thanks. I read the reviews. I would love to hear your feedback as well. I am considering the exact set up (oppo when I can get one) via hdmi.
Will you be using the oppo for redbook as well? If so, let me know what you think.
All of the sources thaat i use (Sonos and Integra multi format player) could be sent directly to the pre/pro. If the digital pre/pro was up to the task, I would no longer need my 2ch pre and my benchmark dac which would pretty much pay for the integra 9.8 and the oppo...
No, I won't be using the Oppo for redbook. I have my Electrocomaniet EMC-1UP in my 2 channel set up.
I will post my impressions, once it's up and running.
Did you ever get your pre/pro up and running?
Yes and I'm still trying to decide if I am going to keep it. It does a good job with movies, but I just keep wondering if I would be happier with a higher end pre with 5.1 inputs. Don't get me wrong the Onkyo sounds good, but as long as I'm in the 30 day grace period, I keep checking options and second guessing myself. I can say that if my, now gone Meridian 561 had 5.1 analog inputs, I would still have it. I really don't think I was missing much of anything with that in my syatem. I jsut needed to try SACD, DVD Audio and the hd codecs.
Sorry, I probably muddied the waters even more.
look into the nuforce pre/pro. said to be music first and foremost as a pre WITH the capability of a decent pro.
That helps. Thx.
And I think that the cable co has the nuforce in their demo program.
Once I get this oppo player settled in, I will give it a try.