Suggestions on used CD Player with Volume Control

I'm looking for a very good CD Player with built-in volume control that I could buy used for less than $2,000-
I plan to use it with Pass Labs X-350 and B&W Nautilus 802. This is a single source system that I'd like to keep at 2-boxes.
AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 or Cary 303/300. Don't use the stock tubes, though. Recommend Ediswan CV-2492 for the Tjoeb, and RCA 12BH7a for the Cary.
Levinson No.39 or 390s but will cost a little over 2k. Another option would be a Linn Genki.
Good luck!
Cary 308 (solid state) or 308T (tube output), both are very good and fit within your budget figure.
I love my Shanling CDT 100, well below $2000, 2nd hand and some money to spare for modding later if you wish
Keep an eye out for a used Wadia 830. They sell quickly but they're usually around $1800 or so. If you could stretch to about $2500 you might find a used Resolution Audio Opus 21, an excellent player. Also there are occasionally older Accuphase players for around $2K, like the DP-70 or DP-65, not the V versions. Also search the archives as this question has been asked hundreds of times.
Cary 308T.
I would stretch a bit ($2200-$2400) and get a used, latest iteration Resolution Audio Opus 21. This is an excellent player in stock form
Down the road you can get the Great Northern Sound Company mod and have one of the very best Redbook players.
I'm sure the other suggestions are good as well.
I've owned the following players w/built-in volume control: The list is in order of personal preference.

Resolution Audio Opus 21
Quad CDP-99
Monarchy Audio Model 33 DAC (need a transport)(not remote volume control)
Cary CD-308
Theta Miles (balanced)
Birdland Odeon Lite DAC (need a transport)(not remote volume control)
Musical Fidelity CD/Pre-24

The RA Opus 21 generally sells for more than $2000, but you might get lucky. The Quad was a very good player in my system and can be $700-$1050 depending on vintage. The newer mkII is supposed to be better, but I haven't heard it.



The Shanling S-100 Mk 2 has a nice built-in volume control that works off the remote; 1 step increments going from 0 to 99. I have used mine directly into a Classe 15 power amp and it sounds superb.
If you find a Granite 657 they are excellent they have a variable tubed output. They sell new for about 3k have excellent sonics really very good for that money. Used they sell dirt cheap you would probably pay as little as 30% of retail for a mint machine. You just don't see them very often.