Stylus inspection with USB microscope

I have been trying to do inspections with USB microscopes for a while now, and am having no success. I've tried a few, and just can't get the knack of these things. I have seen some extremely detailed examination photos on the web with the USB scopes, and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. When I use low power magnification, I can get the cantilever into focus, but nowhere near the magnification level required to inspect the tip. When I use higher levels of magnification, I have to move the scope so far from the cartridge, that it proves worthless. Whats the deal with this USB process, and where am I going wrong? Wish I had an old Shure SEK2 like back in the day, but, alas, they seem to be like searching for the Holy Grail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Have you removed the lens guard? This is the plastic ring around the lens. With it in place it is unlikely you can get the lens close enough to the stylus to focus. Maximum focal length for the cheaper USB is often very small at higher magnifications. You may need to cut or break the lens guard to get it off

also a rigid stand can be helpful

my method and experience is covered here

Thanks folkfreak. No, I have not tried it with the lens guard removed. That may just be the ticket. Thanks for the tip.
Great info, thanks!
I bought one for about $15 and got these pics.


That's crazy. I still cant get that that kind of detail, no matter how hard I work on it.

It's a big PITA! Besides adjusting the magnification, you have to position it to focus and that focus distance varies on the amount of magnification.

I got those from a cartridge that's not mounted so it was easy to position it.

I tried on the one that's mounted in my tonearm and still can't nail it. Here's the best I've got so far after trying for about 30 minutes.
It is really difficult to get good photos
Folks who can have a real talent!
@folkfreak is right. You need to remove the plastic lens guard to focus at high magnification. I used one for VTA setup. I found it easier and more accurate to align by ear. 
Regarding the removal of the plastic lens guard. ... it was harder than anticipated. Fremer recommended squeezing with your thumb and fingers, going around the circumference until the lens guard comes off. That method did not work for me. There must have been a well applied layer of super glue holding the lens guard on. What did work for me is putting the usb microscope in the freezer for 24 hours. When I took the usb microscope out of the freezer, I put the microscope on a counter and let the plastic part hang over the edge. I then lightly tapped the plastic lens guard with a hammer. It popped right off with no damage to the body of the microscope or the lens guard.