Speakers with closest sound of Tannoy KensingtonGR

Dear all,
Just went to a local dealer and heard Tannoy Kensington GR driven by the Airtight amp with EL 34 tube (forgot the name).
I was impressed by the sound but my room can't accommodate its size.

Anybody can advice more compact floor stander speakers with similar sonic signature of Tannoy Kensington GR?

Thanks in advance for any advice
Tannoy makes smaller models in that series, like the Glenair.
Have you looked at Churchills or Kensingtons? I couldn't afford the new Prestige line of speakers, so I bought some old HPD drivers, and built my own.

The 150 liter 16" x 20" X 48" bass reflex speakers do a great job in my 16' X 34' w/cathedral ceiling listening room.

You should be able to find something appropriate to your listening needs.

Best of luck, regards,
Thanks for the advice.
Checked the specs of all speakers mentioned, still found them too big :(

Wondering if any other speakers (even different brand) that has 7 inch diameter of driver cone or less, but same sonic signature.

Sorry forgot to mention my room size, it is only about 12' x 14' and height about 10'

Thanks again

My room size is about 10' x 11' and crazy 20' ceiling. The room treatments killed the echo. Check my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZs1ASzQ-aQ The Tannoy Kensington GR fits perfectly with out any problem. Hope this helps.
Check out Vandersteen Quatro carbon
They are a full range speaker that offer the technology that will allow them to work in your room.
Dealer 25 years
The Kensington would work in your room no problem. They don't have rear ports so they don't overwhelm rooms as much as others their size. Nothing else really sounds like a Tannoy IMHO. Maybe harbeth but they are not point source. The fact that they are point source makes the drivers integrate well and allows you to listen near field.
S1nn3r, I enjoyed your video, it was well produced. Some comments on your set up: Leather couch, as all audiophiles know, it is a no no, as it is two reflective; Equipment between the speakers, another no no, as it received too much acoustic energy that files around the room, look into an acoustic screen; get the TV covered with echo busters when playing music, as it too is bouncing the acoustic energy around the room. Believe me, I after spending over sixty years in this hobby, I know you can create 'better sound'.

I know there are some strict audiophile rules but as you can see I'm not that extreme. My entire front wall has red acoustic carpet to help absorb sound so I'm not so worried about the refection from my leather couch and tv. I thought about the rack between speakers with my turntable about 2 feet from the speakers might have some issues. Turned up the volume upto 112db from the listening position with out any problem. The Mapleshades rack did its job. All I have to do is enjoy the music. BTW thank you for advising =)
Great video, I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing.
(I wouldn't change a thing)
Thank you Sebrof. The only thing I upgraded was the Clearaudio Concept to Clearaudio Performance DC with Concerto V2 cartridge.
That's a good table. But, I would have went one model up. That would be the Ovation...

I was actually thinking Innovation Compact with double tonearm for MM and MC catridge.
Oh ok, even better. I like the Universal tonearm the best. Arms like the Verify and Clarify are too bare bones with not too much flexibility and build quality as the Uni.