Speaker recommendations for Jolida 302b

I have a Jolida 302b tube amp and a modest subwoofer in a medium size room and am looking to upgrade speakers. Any Jolida 302b owners out there with the following speakers?

Vandersteen 1c
Quad 21l
Spendor s 3/5

I'm hoping to pair the Jolida with one that provides the most three-dimensional sound and air around instruments. I listen mostly to small ensemble jazz.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
I just got home with a pair of Dali Ikon 6 speakers.
Right out of the box sound fantastic with my Jolida
302B. They need 500-600 hrs of breakin. Can't wait!
But after 1 hour I can at least say "great" match
for the Jolida 302.
couldn't pass this up :) kestral 2's from meadowlark. i use them with a jolida 502b and a mk sub (12") in an even larger room but in a smaller room with less wpc and a smaller sub this is a killer spkr for just what you described. meadowlark is defunct but used are available still. read numerous reviews on kestral 2's before you buy anything under $1200 which is top dollar for used. 2 way phase coherent transmission line loaded and listener fatigue just does not happen. not a rock and roll spkr but xlnt detail and great soundstage. never harsh or muddy.
I use Reference3a de capos with my 302b. great speakers, crappy amp. Now looking for Rogue of Prima Luna
Look at the Totem line.
I have the Arro with a sub powered by the 502.
It does need the sub.
However the Rainmaker does quite well powered by a Yaqin 100b.
Your room will dictate which would work better for you.
A layout or pics with dimensions might help others make some suggestions.

People simply forget that that the Vandy 1C exists, but having owned a pair of 1Bs for years I can imagine how good these things are.  Might not need a sub with them, and the design provides a mini monitor-esque airy tone with deep transmission line bass. Great speakers.
veroman, you tell it like it is ! The Kestral 2 is a magnificent speaker with no real flaws and  every necessary virtue , have to go a long way to do better !