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Audio Nirvana Drivers
I have the 12 in ferro's in the 5.6 ported cabs. dont listen to these armchair engineers... the sound is great and the beaming is hardly the problem some here say. i am using a a set amp  w 8wpc and i use a sub crossed over at 45 just becuz i had ... 
Does a ripped cd onto a digital format sound better than the cd played on the cdp
thats was some serious technical slapdown there. i am always impressed with how much knowledge some of the a goners have. as for all of the responses..thanks. i think it is not in my immediate future to convert. seems as if the gains are smaller t... 
In need high-efficency speakers
tekton. at 94 db you will be fine. 
Which material sounds better for speakers construction? Wood, Ply or MDF?
it's like asking what kind of fishing line is best. or what caliber for deer hunting is best. are we this bored? 
adding center speaker to existing stereo system
tls49 is right. it is pointless to add a speaker different in brand etc from side spkrs if you are going for high end sound. i did it, trust me. 
Why do many discussions about sonic performance disintegrate into technical discusions?
I am with Geoffkait. These threads sound like something Woody Allen wrote. The male male egos here can't even agree on the definition of technical. 
Speaker Sensitivity AND Power Requirements
Open Baffle. Why are they mostly limited to DIY?
Another reason not mentioned is the imaging...most prefer what they know and an instruments sound, in stereo world, that seems to not come from a particular point bothers some...or at least i opine. i enjoy my 12" audio nirvana f.r. ob with a sub.... 
Why pay so much for super high end?
the web has sites for diy guys and they are very serious dudes. i am sure they make fantastic spkrs for much less. with software its not like it takes nasa to do this. its just that we dont have the trial and error budgets big companies have. hell... 
I've decided to try Tubes
musical paradise was mentioned, i would second that. Mine works great, auto bias and rolling is easy. plus the money you save can go to high end tubes. kt 88, 6l6, el 334 etc. you donnt need all that power with 101 db rating right 
Which Floor standing speakers with the NAD C356 Int. Amplifier
bigkidz. i find your analyses hard to swallow. speakers are easily the easiest way to improve a system and his electronics are hardly that inferior. he could buy a passe amp and great cdp and with those same speakers will hear little improvement I... 
Which Floor standing speakers with the NAD C356 Int. Amplifier
Nothing wrong with your gear, some of these guys are on a mission to replace any gear they deem inferior. 3 grand of new spkrs will make massive improvements.  check out these list for 3 grand. very sensitivehttp://www.tektondesign.com/ddimpact.ht... 
Wilson Audio Haters
douglass, whew boy. upset at work or is it at home. first of all i have owned costly stereo gear in the past. meadowlark kestrals 2 , b and w's, etc. to be precise and have heard good audio. secondly i dont use the eq often, only on certain record... 
Wilson Audio Haters
i am amazed at how many posters have strong opinions about sound characteristics of driver materials etc. sometimes i wonder if you guys are for real with your amazing ears. dont get me going on those of you who have extreme dislikes and likes for... 
5 most recognizable voices in American music?
judy garland!bingfranksatchmobillie hshowing my age ...these may not be the best but one word and you know who it is