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Speakers that are very accurate sounding but don't produce an emotional connection.
I would wager much of it is purely how you were feeling in the moment. Psychological shifts can have as much to do with perception as can electronics. Also it is subjective. I could find 4 agoners and get 4 diferent reactions if the test was condu... 
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True dat. I don't listen to rock any longer so....I find acoustic bass to be great on mine fwiw. 
Cleaning records. How often really?
thank you all for helping me decide i will never use a tt. long live sacds and xrcds 
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I did not realize this about distance and bass cancelation. will experiment. Thanks Although I must say the bass seems fine as is. 
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I have them about 32" from rear wall. I have used both a small tube amp 3.5 watts per, and a t amp of 15 watts. The drivers are 97db so power is never an issue. I would think putting them too far from the wall would make them less effective. the f... 
Bose 901's with "highend ancillaries"??
I cant imagine how they would sound much better with high end gear. i heard them on mid fi and all i got out of it is a bunch of so so midrange, lousy high end and fat bass with no details. would be neat to hear some refitted with good drivers tho. 
Free $3K preamp to lucky listener who names it
let me know when i win it. 
Speakers for a large room
go with satellites and a sub 
Speakers for Office/Listening Room
paradaigm offer good value for money. front ported and good bass for a bookshelf. 
Liquid Midrange' - strong side of which tube amps?
My problem is never the tube amps but the recording quailty. You can play a chesky recording on a ss amp and it gives better midrange than most others on a great tube set up. just my thoughs. maybe you vinyl guys are on a different level and can r... 
Just about anything done by chesky! 
Speakers for Office/Listening Room
What color are the walls? I need more info. just one point. If you like to crank your rock music you need to consider speaker sensitivity. how many tube watts are you willing to pay for if you get a speaker rated less than 90 db or so. then again ... 
How close to the real thing?
Obviously this is a silly question but..... What kind of live music and in what setting? a symphony? dont even get me going. the reflected sounds and omni directional noise coming form the instruments is simply never going to be replicated that we... 
Bad news for audiophiles?
so the point is to drink while listening to audio? 
Advice about what to do with not-needed tubes?
put them on your dresser and glance at them every time you pass, it works for me. i also put some in a box in the garage, this is also a good approach.