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I bought an all in one stereo this for my mom for Christmas and need some recommendations for speakers. I would like to find something that sounds similar to the Spica TC-50's I have in my bedroom system although the looks of them would never fly in her house. I'm thinking something from the Omega line but have only heard them briefly. At this point I don't know exactly where she's going to use them. Thanks.

I used to be an Omega dealer and think very, very highly of Louis Chochos' designs. If I were doing what you're doing, that's what I'd go with.

Thanks Duke, I appreciate the reply, I've spoken to you on the phone and very much respect your opinion. Now I'll just wait and see whether she wants to put it in her living room or her kitchen where her current stereo is, my p's house has an open kitchen/living room area. Living room = small floorstanders, kitchen = monitors. Bass and imaging aren't really big requirements more of a tone, pace/timing kind of thing.

try these you can usually find them for less
Try to find speaker that are fairly efficient.I'm guessing that unit gives 10-15 watts per channel (just a guess) at the most.The specs they give are 25 watts at 1 khz @6 ohms only.
The power at 20-20,000 will be lower.8 ohm speakers with at least the low 90db minimum efficiently range might work ok.If you use anything less efficient may heat up the unit,or play to low.Manuel link>>♫[http://www.teac.com/resources/pdf/cr-h227i-b/CR-H227i_manual.pdf]
Hi Classic:

I have a friend using NHT Absolute Zero with a similar TEAC all in one unit (300 series). The sound and look is very pleasing. I wouldn't spend too much more, as the TEAC is limited. Additionally, I would hesitate to use Omegas. Omegas shine with tubes and the better solid state amplifiers.

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Of speakers I have heard, I would recommend the Silverline Audio Minuet (list is $600/pr., street price somewhat lower). I heard them run off of a mid-fi receiver that probably has similar output to the Teac, and they nicely filled a larger hotel room at a show. Terrific soundstage, smooth, clean and surprisingly extended in the bass for their size. SilverlineAudio.com.
Thanks guys, the NHT, Silverline and Teac (didn't even see those and that's where I bought the thing) all look interesting. Rar1 interesting comment on the Omegas but not surprising.

Totems = nice speakers but not for this application.

Tannoy Prestige Series = if I could afford them and had the room my mom would have a nice pair of Proacs : )

I'll post up what the conclusion of this is. It would be funny if my mom posted her system on A'gon before I did.

Take care and Merry Christmas!