Speaker configuration Marantz 2270

I just received a Marantz MIJ 2270 from the late 70's. Looking for speaker opinions. I tested the unit on a pair of very cheap pair of bookshelf speakers. Granted the speakers were terrible, but I could tell the system could benefit from a sub; or a full range tower with bass speaker.

I am working within a budget of about 400-650ish. My experience with high end stereo equipment is limited, but am familiar with live speaker gear. I like the punch you can get from monitors, but have to keep in mind I would need a speaker that would like a lower powered signal being I'm working with 70 watts per channel, another reason to look at smaller

In doing a search I noticed many people felt a sub of some sort is needed. I have found a few older passive subs with smaller drivers that had decent specs. I would like to entertain a passive sub as to get more the Marantz sound versus a powered sub. I would be concerned in blending
two set of speakers not knowing if I would need a crossover or not.

Being i am a newb I may be completely off base with my assumptions.
What suggestions could any of you provide me for my quest?

Thank you in advance
I have a Marantz 2252B that sounds wonderful paired my Klipsch Fortes, Quartets, Heresy's, and Heresy II's. All are very efficient(95dB+) and have plenty of punch with the Fortes and Quartets being very punchy down low. If you like the "live" sound, these all will do the trick and you will easily stay within your budget.

Thnx Bill

How's the low end with a set up like that?
In my research I have heard good things about Klipsch products. Punchy in your face with good dynamics is the common phrase I read in regards to that brand. I would def benefit from a trip to a high end audio store to get a better feel from these brands. Klipsch was one that could be found in my price range that sounded like it had the characteristics that I would find very appealing.
Vintage Klipsch KG4's ( used $300ish in great condition ) work very well with Vintage Marantz..
I've owned K-horns, Chorus, Forte, Herseys, and Quartets. The Quartets should work very well. Good luck.
Greetings Ricplaya
I have as couple of old 2270s in my collection
Good vintage all rounder
Many of our customers have succesfully paired Vandersteen 1 c and Vandersteen 2CIs and es
You can find a clean pair of 2 series for 600 and up
and 1 series from 399- up
Having been a Vandy dealer for over 25 years these speakers offer superb performance and value.
Read the well written manual for best performance operation
Best Johnnyr
Small speakers are not necessarily more efficient. Klipschorns for example are amazingly efficient and don't lack bass at all.
Passive subs will not reduce the load on your receiver and will lack a crossover with controls to help blend with the speakers. If you get a sub, get a powered one unless you buy a matched set of passive sub and satellites.
Adding a powered sub will also dramatically increase your volume level. Bass is extremely power hungry. A 200-500 watt sub can do wonders.
Final note-the difference between 70 watts and 140 watts is barely audible, about 3db. To really notice a difference in power, you would need to go up to 200+ watts per channel.
The 2270 output stage is optimized for 8-ohm speakers; power output into 4-ohms is lower. If you can avoid speakers with low impedance do it. I agree with Elevick - go with a sub if you can afford it. The problem is going to be finding satellites and a sub for $650. There's a pair of ADS L300s for sale for $175 on this site. and I saw a Martin Logan subwoofer for $299. Just two ideas for very good sound.
Get yourself a pair of Large Advents or Dynaco A-25 speakers (both generally less than $200 a pair) and enjoy a classic/vintage combination that will deliver a very musical soundstage, and for an affordable price. Lot of audiophiles pay much more, and get a lot less. Bottom line, it's about the music, and enjoyment of that music.

PS: I would stay away from subwoofers, more a PITA to intergrate than they're worth, IMHO.
I have started researching the suggested models. Thanks for all the responses.
I have three candidates thus far

Boston accostic a200
Ads L570 (from a cool Member of this board)
Or Klipsch kg 2.5 with matching sub

All three models appear to be in good condition all in the same price range. Without the ability to hear these speakers before purchase I am relying on reviews and Exp from other posters how these would match up with the Marantz. I think they would all do fine, just looking for more info as to what way to go.

Thanks again!
I paired my Marantz 2270 with Klipsch KG4's and it seemed like a perfect match. The KG4's are easily powered by the 2270. The KG4's pump out some serious volume with no distortion when the volume knob is about half way up.
I decided on a pair of ADS L570's

At first I wasn't quite sure what all the fuss was about. After a while of listening these speakers I started to lime them a lot more. They are very uncoloured and flat.. Takes a little getting use to. Great for jazz, classical. Lacks a little warmth for rock and I think it needs subs to add some booty.
Just picked up some kg 4's

Have the ads L 570's stacked on top tweeter to horn. Does sound a little shrill on some very high notes, overall really enjoying this set up. Will crank it up more tomorrow to hear the difference at higher volumes.