Spade jumpers for 803d3

I have some 803D3’s and had been previously using a biwire cable.


I found a good deal on a much more length appropriate set with bananas on both ends. However I just realized that the jumpers that came with my speakers are bananas as well, so I need to purchase spade jumpers.

here’s my stupid question: do I need to get a certain size spade? Or is the diameter the same for all speakers? I can’t seem to find anywhere in the manual that lists the size of my speaker posts.


also any recommendations for reasonably priced jumpers? The speaker cables are analysis plus big silver ovals. 


No I got rid of my biwire cables and got new ones that are not. That’s why I need jumpers

Diameter is not same on all. I prefer jumpers identical to main cables. Sometimes you need to special order them but most cable manufacturers will do. 

I believe there are 1/4" and larger, 9mm posts. I have B&W 707 S2 and older cables with spades that I am sure were meant for 1/4". I can get them on, but it is snug. The cableco carries jumpers. Obviously making a set would be easy.