Sota Star Sapphire help

Just pick up a Star Sapphire III vacuum from the original owner, it hasn't been used for sometime now so I was going to take it apart and service what I can.

Does anyone has owner's manual that can send me? I have not seen the manual, does it contain instruction how to fine tune suspension? I could not even get the platter off, do I need to remove the screws at the bottom to do so? any help is appreciated

I don't have shipping carton, otherwise I will consider shipping to Sota for them to tune up. with the cost of shipping, box, and tune up fee, it is prohibitly expensive to let Sota inspect the table if everything seems to be in working order now.
You might have to buy a manual from Sota for $5.00.
You can also get an original packing box from SOTA so you can send it in to them. I do not recall the manual containing any servicing information. However, if you contact Kirk at SOTA he may be willing to spend some time with you to talk you through some steps. One thing about SOTA is they do provide great service.
thanks for the suggestions, I will give them a call and order a manual and hopefully get some tips how to fine tune the suspension as well.
Contact SOTA, they're really helpful. However why do you feel the need to fine tune the suspension? If it looks unlevel it's because the weight of your tonearm and armboard isn't heavy enough. Under the tonearm board is a place to put lead shot (supplied with the turntable) that allows you to balance out the weight. I wouldn't mess with the spring suspension. You can also use the 3 support feet to help level the 'table. But leave the springs alone.

Some of the SOTA tables have adjustment screws on the springs (my old Star did) that allow adjustments of the springs to take up slack or stretched springs, but only as a last resort.

They are designed for mimimal muss and fuss during setup and they stay setup for years. I never had to tweak mine after the dealer set it up. I watch him do it and outside of balancing the arm (with the lead shot) there is nothing else to do except the typical arm cartridge alignment that is necessary with ANY turntable.

One thing you may want to check is to make sure the 2 small bolts on the bottom on either side of the bearing shaft are screwed in to raise the platter. A sudden jolt during transport (from his house to yours) could break the sapphire bearing. Once the table is at your place, you unscrew the bolts just enough to enable the platter to turn. You don't need to remove the platter for adjustments. The table is lubricated at the factory and mine never needed any additional lube. (my first one was 12 years old and as far as I know it's running fine at the new owner's system.

Any further questions? E-mail me. I have some documentation.
I've got the instructions to remove the platter and instructions to adjust motor slipping. Email me if you want them-it's not easy.
there is a big hex center screw/nut at the bottom to unscrew to release the platter, i forget what size., but you need a socket type to do so, the 4 screws at each innner corner(with washer?) are the adjustment for the platter leveling, don't over do, once you have it completely loose, it is headache to put it back, the outside 3 feet are to adjust the leveling on the turntable, but do the 4 innner screw first, if not, your platter will not be level with the arm,,
i can email you the pdf kirk emailed me recently when i put my old star sappphire III back in service. talks about balancing the table.

but if someone could help me figure out how to remove some of the lead shot, that would be great. i've never unmounted my sme arm and it appears there's too much lead shot added by the store i originally bought it from.
lead shot.. as i remember, there is a rubber hole that you pull it off to remove, (be careful over spill the lead) or unscrew the arm broad, (3 philips screw) then you can remove or adjust it,,
thanks tidybear. so i have to unmount the tonearm? i can't lift the armboard off with the tonearm attached?
hello, for me , i did not unmount the arm, but, may twist a little to have the right angle to remove, and you may have a rubber boot/cover at the bottom to peel out, good luck with it,