Sapphire Audio speakers anyone?

I went to a Tweeter store to audition the Monotor Audio Silver series and the dealer also showed me a brand I had not heard before, Sapphire Audio. ( This is a new company, the ST3, 5-way model is in the range of $1300. To me, they had a great soundstage and detail, but the mid/high-mid was a little too forward and at high volume, it sounde harsh. Has anyone auditiones these speakers? DOES THIS COMPANY HAVE A FUTURE? I am trying to find a good match for my Jolida 502. Any advise on these or any other good matches in the $1300 range would be welcome. Thanks!
You want a good match for your Jolida? How about the REAL Sapphire from ACI? Wonderful speaker, bet it would be a good match for your Jolly.
I've never heard the ACI's, but I've heard great things about them. Another speaker that you might consider that's in a similar price range is the Onix Ref 1. I'm driving mine with a 30 Watt Cayin integrated tube amp, and while it won't make the neighbors leave home it certainly has all the headroom I need.

heard the real ACI Sapphires...good speaker, but the sound was nothing that really engaged me...attack was rolled off as was the uppermost octave. this roll off resulted in a sound that lacked detail, airiness and transparency...

Yes. It is Tweeter's house brand made in China by the Rockets folks. Tweeter owns a percentage of the company.

I'd agree go with the original Sapphires from ACI.
Here is more info:

My thoughts exactly, the speakers were pretty harsh. I thought maybe it was because I was comparing them with the Mirage Omni 260's. Glad to hear someone else noticed the same.
Sapphire Audio was designed & started by the former founders/researchers of Cambridge Audio & Infinity Speakers. The best speakers they have is the ST3 Bs. They are very detailed and have excellent soudstage. The reason they sound harsh is because of bad quality Cds or Dvds. It actually brings out the difference if you use low quality players and recordings.

Yes Tweeter owns a part of them and they are promoting it. They received excellent reviews in Stereophile magazine and they are rated class B.

Go for a used pair of Jm Lab Electras for your Jolida if you can find one in the $1500.00 range