Sony SCD-777ES vs current Players

I have been using my Sony SCD-777ES SACD Player for 10 years without any problems, it's built like a tank and sounds great to me.

However, I'm looking to buy a new Blu-Ray player and wonder how current universal players compare with my machine in terms of Audio playback of CDs and the occasional SACD.
Also, how do modern stand alone CD players compare with it?
Am I able to improve on the sound quality with a modest outlay?

Thanks for your help.
My 5400 was better than my 777. If you want Blu Ray get an Oppo 103 or 105
Hey Ecosse!
First of all, you have a great player and if you like the sound of it, stick to it. Second and in terms of audio, there possibly a wide range of what's you gonna like more, but it may be not. The universal players like OPPO mostly are used with external high-end DACs, they do cost a lot. So if you really want to get rid of your SACD and to start that looooong listening session in search of your sound, then the marked is wide open. But I haven't seen high-end BR players with an outstanding DACs combined.
I have a top of the line Sony Blu-ray player and also the 777. I do not notice a difference in CD/SACD media play back from either as compared to the blu-ray player. So, for now do not sell off the 777. I have not heard the Oppo 105. I think if any blu ray player could best the 777, that would be the one. Since you can get a 30 day return on the Oppo 105, I would suggest you do an in house compare. The ears will tell.
I,too, have read that the newer 5400 ES will trump the older 777 ES.
I have a 9 year old parts connexion modded Shanling T-200 CD player and just sold my new 7 month old 5400ES. On Sony, bass was a little better and a smidgen more detail but Shanling was more musical and analog sounding. And looks better. The heavy aluminum frame on Shanling probably helps block out RFI. Plus it looks way cool.
I have both 777es and oppo 95. The 777 taks minutes to load sacd. The 95 has fan which is annoying. For two channnel, the 777 is good and oppo is better. For multi-channel, the oop is much capable. The oppo can also play my sacd backup in iso format. Never heard scd5400. In my music listening experience, the most import is the music itself and recording. The pursuing of perfection of equipment will never end and not necessary.
The 105 doesn't have a fan so that wouldn't be an issue.
I could probably sell the SCD-777ES for the price of a new 105.
i suspect that the sony is more musical when your source is redbook. oppo cd players, unless modified are a bit on the not side.
One other reason I sold my 5400ES is that you cannot program tracks in what order to play. I tape and that to me is a major inconvience
I long own the stock and modified Sony SCD-777ES as well as the 5400ES. On the stock units, the 5400ES won out in a direct comparison, better the 5400ES in every categories. My Modwright SCD-777ES restored the order by bettered the XA5400ES handily.
I was in the same dilemma awhile back....and decided to hold tight...ES players are fairly well regarded...especially older players...unless it konks out...keep it....not missing much at the moment....most of the improvement has been on the computer driven side of audio...downloads, streaming, etc....SACD vs DVD-A was over a decade ago...and Blu-ray is a video driven medium...concerts, etc......