Sony scd 777 es problems

My Sony scd 777 es is not functioning. I have tried it in another system with same problem. It seems to perform all functions correctly on the read out display, track playing, time, toc reading etc but no sound. I have had this unit for many years and love it( tho it is rarely used ). I am the second owner and the original owner sent it in for many upgrades including a super clock, resistors and caps. I can't afford a new unit of similar quality and am seeking suggestions on how to proceed. I live in lansing, Mi. And can't find any one to repair it locally. Thanks for the read.
Does the digital out work (if you have any separate Dac?
then at least you would know the digital part still is working, and if it is an analog portion problem.
If the digital out does not work, then it is in the digital part.. And probably harder to fix.
ust my impression.
I have a Sony SCD777Es too, and I also do not use it much.
Saving it....

Do you know Who did the mods???
It's possible Richard Kern did the mods; I don't know if he is still around to repair the units.
You could call Dan Wright @ And he would be the best one to speak with as far as problems and or Mods for it.

Dan Wright.
When you say you can't afford a unit of similar quality, I assume you mean build quality? Nothing was built like those old Sonys. But for sound, I would say the new 5400 will probably surpass the 777 in all ways, and it's built pretty nice too. There's one up for sale from a dealer for about a grand. I guess it's worth a try to revive your old player, but just to ship that beast to Dan Wright is going to cost. Just something to keep in mind. But I will say, the 777 was a thing of beauty.
I do not own a SCD-777ES but do own an extensively modified XA-777ES and bought a 5400. The list price was half the list price of the XA, and it probably weighs half as much. It's made in Malaysia and not in Japan, and is not quite up to the same construction standards.

But the sound of the 5400 bettered my modified XA-777ES and it continued to improve over a long period. It has been very reliable, plays every disc without issue, and has a delightful engaging "analogue" sound. One of the most enjoyable players ever made.

I still have the XA in my bedroom system.