Problems with Musical Fidelity A 3.5 CD

Hi All,

I bought a used MF CD player on a-gon. I'm assuming that the seller was reliable, but I get the "No Disc" message on many CDs. Sometimes if I wipe them off they then register and play, but sometimes CDs that have played fine on other units can't be read.

Any ideas?

Thanks, as usual,

take some canned air and blow it in the open cd tray, maybe the laser has got some dust on it
The laser/reader is either dirty, or going out.

That's always the symptoms I've experienced or read here about with CDPs having issues reading both brand new discs and CDRs.

It's not a reason to sell it off as is either unless disclosure of that problem is provided to any possible buyer.

Any OEM support center will be able to tell if that's it or if it is the result of some mishandling during shipping. Many CDPs sent in orig boxes endure very well, so I'm of the opinion the now condition is a pre-existing one, but it's a tuff situation to prove outside of a trip to a service center for a look see.

When mine began doing misreading now and then though not always and even with brand new discs, I replaced the drive unit which contained both SACD & RB lasers prior to selling it so I'd not encounter such circumstances. Add to that I was changing over from disc player to hard drive based instead.

If you just got the thing and it's done this mis-reading from the jump, talking to the seller might be very helpful to either mitigate the circumstances, or aleviate them entirely... Good Luck.
That happened with my SCD-1 and I was clear when I put it up for sale on gon.
I sold it very cheap as a transport.
I suspect your seller was not forthcoming with you.
That would be a dishonest person..
I'm certain he knew of the problem
Worst case scenario .... getng a new sled installed isn't a bad thing once done and hopefully some support will come your way.

They vary in price too. A friend of mine had one put in her Dennon for around $170. again, my xa 777 installed cost was right at $300. Find a Arcam service center and see about it.

Sorry but good luck.