Sonus Faber Electa Amator mk I vs Auditor M

My system consits of the following:

Digital frontend: Meridian 500,Meridian 518,meridian 566.24
Analog: Transrotor ZET I, Grado ref wood cartridge
Amplification: Spectral DMA90 & Spectral DMC20 II
Signal Cabling: MIT
Mains cabling: Furutech incl mains filter
Loudspekers: Sonus Faber Electa Amator mk I

I'm planning to upgrade my speakers to the new auditor M series.
Is there anyone who can comment what improvemenst to expect?? (if any...)

The Electa Amator is an excellend musical loudspeaker that I've enyojed for many many years but perhaps not the most subtle and transparent speaker around. Even driven by spectral.

With Auditor M I'm expecting more transparency, speed and agilty while hopefuly musical at the same time.

Any comment welcome....
the 'cool' factor is unquestionably with the electa amator. the really nice ones are becoming rare (nobody wants to part with them) and they sound incredible . if those qualities mean nothing, the auditor is the choice.
I would not bother the Auditor M having Amator I.
If you looking for more transparent sound jump directly into the Guarneri Memento. You will get far better performance than from Auditor M.
Electa I is definitely a cool loudspeaker and not just by it's appearance.
The qualities mentioned, specially sound, is what should matters most.
I'm planning to take them one on one in a direct shoot out.
In the end it's the ears that decide.

As for Guarneri, stunning beauties but can they fill my 4x9 m room with the same weight and low extension as the Electa's?
I have heard the Auditor M's and the Guarneri's fill a 16' x 30' LR with great weight and extension. I agree with Milimetr that the Guarneri's are more transparent than the Auditor M's; both drivers are far superior in the Guarneri's. I have heard the Electa's in that same room, but did not do a three-way comparison. Of the three, based on what I remember hearing on two seperate auditions, I liked the Guarneri's the most.
Well all I can say is I have heard the Sonus Faber Electa A's with the addition of a Townshend Ribbon tweeter addition,and the difference was eye/ear opening!!

Good luck
Your 4x9 m room will allow the Guarneri Memento to really breath. Thre should be no problem with bass weight (compared to Electa).
Ok thanks guys, I better start saving...
And Guarneri Memento, Is it easy to drive ?
Spectrals DMA90 is not the most muscular amp around.

Any experience with combnation of spectral and SF in general and with guarneri in particular?

I own a pair of Guarneri Mementos and also have Spectral electronics (although I usually use those in another system with Avalon Eidolons) I have switched the Mementos into the Spectral system, however, and they sounded phenomenal - to the point where I truly wish I could afford a second batch of Spectral. (I have the DMC30SL and a pair of 360's)

I routinely have the Mementos paired with a McIntosh integrated amp - MA7000 - and the Spectral stuff seemed to add another dimension to the speaker's performance, although they do sound terrific with the MAC.

The Mementos are "easy to drive", but they really come into their own with higher powered amplification. From my own experience, I would recommend at least 200 WPC. On the other hand, they sound good with virtually anything you can throw at them - including tubes - I played mine with a 75 watt tube amp and could have lived with that combination forever.
Agreed. I wouldn't trade the EAI for the Auditor. Personally, I don't care for the harshness of the Auditor's upper-end response. Maybe it's just the resolution of the tweeter, but I prefer the more laid-back feel of the Concerto and EA.