Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor Elipsa anyone?

Anybody using or have heard them as regular front speakers in a stereo set up? I wonder how they compare to the Cremona Auditor M, which are what I have. Can they really offer the same level of performance mounted on the wall? Do they even make stands for these things? I know they were made with the aim of being able to be wall-mounted or placed on a bookshelf, but no matching stands for them seems kind of bizarre to me. There are pretty much zero reports about these speakers except for just being thrown into Cremona surround sound systems. Total flop, purely niche product, or sleeping beauty?
I have listened to both the Auditor Ellipsa and Auditor M side by side. Auditor M sounded more realistic and open. The Auditor Ellipsa were designed as a rear surround speaker for it's big brother and as you mentioned not stand to mount which in my opinion hurts the audio capabilities of this speaker. If you are wanting to upgrade look for used Guareni Momentos.