Musical Fidelity M6i/M6si to drive 4Ohm Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor

Hi folks,
I’m about to try some second hand Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors soon and hopefully get back home with them if I like them. However I will still need a good matching amp to go with them (buying from a particular).I was looking for a good matching amp on the second hand market with a budget of £1500 and noticed the Musical Fidelity M6i and the M6Si. They are rated at 200W per channel at 8Ohm. However the SF are listed with a range of 50W to 250W and have an impedance of 4Ohm, and a sensitivity of 88dB/1W/1m.Do you think I’ll have issues with the MF having the right power? Or it'll be too much? Should I consider going for the M5 instead, rated at 150W per channel at 8Ohm?
If I managed to get an amp to try at home before I buy, what should I be looking for in terms of the amb lacking the juice to drive them?
Amplifiers having greater power capacity than the maximum recommended rating for a speaker doesn't mean you will damage the speaker or that it will be incompatible. On the contrary it typically means you have less to worry about in terms of the amplifier being able to drive your speaker.

Just don't try to turn the volume up past what the speaker or the amplifier can handle, and you'll be fine.