SME Armboard for Triplanar

I just got a SME 10 turntable and I would like to try my Triplanar VII SE on it anyone know someone that can provide a adapter plate? It has a SME mounting board that is not removable.
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If you cannot remove the SME mounting board, which presumably is cut to accommodate an SME tonearm, then you might be able to mount a TP directly onto that surface, if you can line it up so the holes needed to fasten the TP to the surface of the mounting board are not situated over empty space, where the putative SME tonearm would otherwise sit.  Or, adding a solid piece of metal or wood over the top of the SME mount might be feasible.  I've never played with an SME turntable, so don't know exactly what you're dealing with, but TPs are easy to mount because the base does not need to penetrate the surface of a mounting board; it's "surface mount".
I don’t think the Triplanar can be fit to an existing SME mount as I had this mounting in my decks second position. Instead you’ll need to drill a new mount

Best to avoid drilling new holes in the SME if you can do as not to affect resale, Instead have a blank made up with countersunk holes to match the SME mount. Countersunk is important so that the bolts do not protrude above the sub plate top surface and foul the new arm. Then have the three threads for the Triplanar drilled in that. Use threads so you don’t need to bother with bolts below the surface of the new sub board. The only challenge you might have is with vertical clearance but as I’ve had an SME and a TP simultaneously mounted on my deck with this arrangement I believe it should work

Any competent machinist can make up a plate like this for you, try asking your local turntable dealer if there’s someone they use. 
Thanks, lewm and folkfreak. I have a seond oem armboard coming from Timestep and I was going to move the SME M2-9 that came with it to the left hand add on board and install the TP on the right permanent one. The reason for doing this is that I have the TP on my SL1200GAE now and with the low platter on the Technics I do not have a lot of range with shorter cartridges so that is why I picked up the 10 and also it was a good price so I want to try it. I do have a blank stainless steel board for the 1200 I could try that
You should be able to work up the technics plate, as I said just pay attention to clearing all the screws so you can get the arm base flush (let’s jusy say this is something learned through painful experience!)
Take a look here and they might have something that would help you. They have quite a few mounts. Maybe you could buy a blank and have it drilled for your Triplanar.
@jperry thanks I haven't come across that company. I probably need to do a template in mm and send it to them.
I have not done business with them. It does look like they can provide a mounting plate you could use. 
@maxson. While quite well made that adapter is not suitable for a Triplanar which requires a flat surface with three holes drilled in it. What is really annoying is that I cannot find a diagram of the Triplanar mounting arrangement. The arm is supplied with a jog which is great if you are drilling yourself but not if you are specccing for a third party. As I’ve moved on to Durand arms now it’s not as if I need this but it would be helpful to be able to look it up 🤔
I think the OP could just buy a blank (the board before they drill the hole for a Rega) from  and have it drilled locally for the Triplaner
Yes I have a board more like a plate that was designed for the 1200GAE but I was looking for a nicer look but I will use it to get started Thanks