SME 3,4, 5 Owners- Cueing Problem??

The cueing mechanism on my SME 5 is misbehaving. It is no longer moving through its complete range of motion, it makes odd little "sticky" noises as the lever is moved up and down and there appears to be some viscous goop oozing out of the cueing housing where the lever enters it. Anyone out there had similar problems? What was the solution? Thanks.
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You probably need some new silicone damping fluid. Try
Haven't had any problems with my 5 in a dozen years of use, but what you are describing sounds exactly like what the dealer warned me against--don't tip the arm over with the damping trough full or some of it may get into the arm housing and screw up movement. I suggest you call Jim Alexander at Sumiko and ask him--he'll certainly know the answer and have a solution.