Small Speakers w/ Full Range Sound

Help!! I am searching for recomendations on speakers with a very small footprint and big-speaker sound + solid bass? My room is approx. 12 x 28 with 10' ceilings and hardwood floors. Don't let price get in the way of your receomendations. Thank you!!!!
Consider the Monitor Audio Studio Series. The floor standing Studio 20, 50 or 60 all meet your criteria. They are good looking, easy to drive and sound excellent.
Soliloquy 5.3 if you have a low powered tube amp, or ss...also Totem Arro...unbelivable bass from such a small driver!
are you closed to the idea of using a sub-woofer? If you'll go with a quality unit, the world of possibilities will open up regarding your speaker choices. Good luck!
I use Audio Physic Virgo's in my 16x12 room. They do like midroom placement, but still sound good at one end of the room. They don't sound like a 'big' speaker, but do sound excellent.
Try Thiel l.5s. Have them in fairly large living room & the sound excellent. Need good amp - I am using with CJ Premier 11A
i highly recommend the hotrod version of any of the meadowlark speakers. i'm using the kestrel hotrods in my smallish living room. although the bass does not announce itself very prominently, as a result of the transmission line construction, the low-end extension is astonishing for a 6.5" woofer. you won't get booming bass, but you'll get a great musical sound across the whole range. the bass on the shearwater and heron is even better. from what i've seen, its hard to beat the price and small footprint of the meadowlarks for comparable sound. i'm sure there is better for a lot more money.
Have a listen to the PMClb1 Rep is Bryston Canada.Transmission line design.Classified as nearfield monitor, used by recording engineers to master sound tracks.I have a pair and amazed how big they sound.
I'd look at the Dynaudio line - they have several monitor speakers and some relatively small footprint floor-standers that all sound excellent in their Contour series. Very satisfying low end, IMO.
Using Totem 1s to good effect running full range with subwoofer.Tryed a couple floorstanders but they wouldnt play basslines in my room although they did fine in larger rooms.The Totems use Dynaudio main drivers and are a little current hungry.One of the best I have heard.
norwex B-2 Nisse is small! Only 9 inches high (same as a typical novel). They were specifically designed for placement on a bookshelf or in a wall unit, or in proximity to a wall. We supply custom floor stands for them as well as 4-way adjustable wall brackets. Either way you will not be taking up valuable floor space, having speaker wires on the floor etc.; you get the idea. Full range? Read review in the current issue of SoundStage! where Mr. John Potis says (among other good things): "I guarantee that your friends will be looking around for the subwoofer." Their web site is: Click on Audio. Our web site is: If you are interested after this, please contact Harald Aasland at our e-mail address listed above. Good listening!
B&W Silver Signatures!!!
You do not mention what type of music you listen to. Assuming that you're 'omnivorous', my recommendations would be the JMlabs MiniUtopia's (really authoritative with the JMlabs sub). Also, the B&W 803's (needs a punchy amp to bring out the bass, though). Monitor Audios are impressive, especially the Studio 50, but have a tad too much of the British 'politeness'. Dunlavy's have a relatively small footprint (SC V and VI), but I've only had a passing acquaintance with them. Make sure you're in a city with many stores (if not, spend a couple of days in NYC, etc) so you can listen to as many as possible, but don't overdo it until you're sick of it. Don't rush into it, either; this may take many months. Good hunting.
I would second the Dynaudio speakers. In addition to the contour line, you should look at their Confidence3. It is in their reference line and well worth listening to if price isn't a concern.
small speakers? small footprint? kinda confusing. is placement a problem? can they be out from the walls? even an excellent mini-monitor mounted properly on stands will take up the same basic amount of space as many large floor-standing speakers.
I'm assuming you are referring to moniters??? No small speaker will give you full range sound regardless of claims. I personally own a pair of Sonus Faber Electa Amators MK1 of which I am very pleased. They have mids & silky highs to die for not to mention superb imaging. They claim to go down to 40 cycles (approaches full range). However, I must admit they sound much better (fuller if you will) with my REL Stadium 11 sub.
The B&W Nautilus 805s may be the best bookshelf available. It's important to have quality equipment and flexibility with placement as these speakers are VERY revealing. You may also want to check out System Audio speakers. They offer big sound from a small size.
The Proac Studio series, either the 150 (used) or 125, is extremely satisfying in a small, elegant floorstander and they're beautiful, as well.
I have B&W 805's with the B&W stands with a REL sub and they are very close to the sound of very high end really large speakers, with a footprint that even a minimalist could love.
I suggest trying Merlin They have two models TSM se monitors VSM se floor standing Check out the reviews at their site or at Audio Amazing speakers
thiel 1.5 with naim amps is working great for me.
thiel 1.5 with naim amps is working great for me.
If you can find them where you live, Isophon Fuego's have the best bass extension of any bookshelf speakers I have heard. They are one of the few bookshelf speakers that do not need a subwoofer in addition. They also look gorgeous. I do not know how efficient they are. They should cost you about $3,000 a pair new.
Because your listening room is relatively small, I would recommend the Sonus Faber Concerto bookshelf speakers with a Rel Storm III Subwoofer. The Sonus Fabers are available with Piano Black or Walnut finishes. A high quality Pre amp and Amp such as a Krell 250A and a Krell 250P is highly recommended. Speaker placement is crucial. I would also recommend listening to a pair of Vienna Accoustic Beethovens to use as a benchmark. Good Luck!
I agree w/ Jschrimp. I have tried a number of small monitors (Joseph, ProAc, Totem, Triangle) and in my small dedicated listening room (definitely nearfield) have found the System Audio 1110's to be the best. They are also a great value at $750 a pair. At first I was skeptical...I mean my interconnects cost more than my speakers! However, this is the one component in my system that I will most likely not change out anytime soon. Unless of course I move and end up with a much larger room...that's another story. Anyway,worth checking out the System Audio's if you can find a dealer. Good Luck...John
Almost forgot...My room also has hard wood floors.
Try some Totem Mani-2's