Small Room Speakers

The wife and I recently downsized to a much smaller house. My former listening room was rather large and well suited by B&W 803 D's. The new room is much smaller so its probably time to consider some smaller speakers.
The components the new speakers would be paired with are a McIntosh C245 with a pair of McIntosh MC402's. My prime listening tastes are blues, both acoustic and electric.
I'm still prone to louder volumes (too many years of racing motorcycles and cars)and I tend like a crisp sound. I don't know if "studio monitors" is where I should be looking or not. I fully intend to audition any alternatives, but am not sure where to start looking.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Look at Reference 3A de Capos 92db, good at low and high volumes as my neighbors will testify to. Revealing
Look into the proac line. Great sound, great value.
Fairly broad question with no budget, but you may look at Tekton Design.
I have the Lores and like them a lot in a 12' x 13' dedicated room, see my system page.
So did Positive Feedback online:

The Part Time Audiophile liked the Lore-S:
the 803's should sound fine in a smaller area....wait until you try them in the new home.
I like my small speakers: Usher 718's
I think Jaybo is right. You like what you have. Why not just try it first given it is not that big of a floorstander anyway. Also, B&W is not an overly bass heavy speaker. It may make better sense to get rid of one of the 402's; unless you need it to heat your house.
If I ever have to downsize to a smaller room, two speakers that would be on my short list would be the Totem Mani-2 Sigs and the Totem Model One Sigs.
Agree the speakers you have should be no problem in a smaller space.
The onlyy issue might be they take up too much room?
OR, the bass travels through the walls too far, (if a condo or apt)
Is the bass is too much once you actually get intothe new place, then other choices might be appropriate. But right now i would just stick with what you have.
I had some big speakers in sl=mall spaces andno issues.
Right now I have Magnepan 3.6s in an 11' by 28' space. no issues. (and could easily see getting 20.7s in here)
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"time to consider some smaller speakers."

Not necessarily. Definitely try the 803's before making any judgement. You're going to hear more of the "room" than before so play with placement and experiment with damping some of the reflections (side walls/floor). Just give your ears some time to get used to what's different, you may like it.

Nice system BTW.
This is definitely the time to buy new speakers....are you have convinced your wife you need to have different....this is your chance don't blow it. What you want is speaker that have cabinets that don't resonate, that makes the room resonate as well. Monitors are good but don't limit yourself to monitors. Two brands that I sell would be fine in small or medium room the Tannoys and the Wilson Benesch.

No doubt someone else will have other suggestions.