Small Room

This is what I had, and was quite happy with it, but, I know I can do better.

NAD C320BEE amp
NAD C440 tuner
NAD C542 CD player
PSB Image 2B speakers

I sold all my stereo equipment, and a lot of other stuff, to build a woodshop. Now I'm gonna work on the stereo. I've got a room problem that you guys might be able to help with. It's 9'X11' with one side(length) taken up by a bed. On one end is a desk and TV stand that takes up all 9'. Because of the small room with desk and bed, I've got the speakers up about 4.5' on a 9' wide wall. The speakers will have to back-up to the wall. Like I said before, I was quite happy listening to music with my other set-up, with the exception, and this is a biggy for me, large combined orchestra and choral pieces.

Do you have suggestions for speakers that would be against a wall, 4.5' up on a wall that will handle combined orch/choral music. I'd like to do this without a sub. I've got some pretty good sound with the subs I've tried, but I've always had to tweak them for different types of music. As you can probably tell by my previous set-up, I don't really like tinkering.

I'm going to start with speakers, but suggestions for amp and CD player would also be appreciated. Budget for everything - speakers, amp, tuner and CD - would be around $6-8,000.

Thanks for any help.

I would normally steer people in this situation toward Totem Arro's. But you say that you want orchestral music without a sub, and that's pushing it for the Arro's (although the bass is much better than you would expect from looking at them).

So I would probably opt for monitors in this situationl. Maybe JMLab Electra monitors, powered by either a good solid state integrated (Plinius 8200, classe CAP-151, etc) or maybe a solid state preamp and tube amp such as Cary V12. Lots of choices here.

How about Totem Mani 2's? Small cabinet and terrific bass.
I sold (....)a lot of (...) stuff, to build a woodshop
Excellent. So you can now build yr own spkrs!
Spkrs against the wall is a difficult proposition. I strongly suggest you visit diy sites and also speak to the guys (madisound, zalytron, e-speakers, partsexpress, many others).
Alternatively, the LS3/5A -- an old BBC design of the 60s -- was specifically intended to be used against a wall in a small space. Small spkrs, too. Sort of "legendary".
I will repeat,
Been there done that.
These are the best at their price points. 2 Models to choose. I have owned the Spirits and they are Fab.
Try Role Audio Sampans.
I just read over the North Acoustics (North Creek) website. It would appear their Near Wall speakers, the Spirits and Kitty Kat were made for my situation. The Kitty Kats are bigger and have more bass. Is there any reason anyone can think of that they wouldn't be the better choice? Has anyone listened to the Kitty Kats?

Thanks for your input.

I have the Kitty Kat Revelator model and they are great. Amazing resolution for what you pay and their bass extension is the real surprise. Perfect for near-wall applications. Search for my other posts on this speaker. Cheers!
I would also point you to North Creek speakers I own the manifest ribbon speaker and it is amazing at the old kit price it was a steel. I do not have any experience with the near wall models but George Short is a very talented guy and sure does know his crossovers and the drivers he uses are very very good. I would also point out that if you build the cabinets yourself you have a choice of finish, wood, paint , or anything you like.I do not have the skill or tools for a speaker as large as the manifest so I found a local woodworker who is also a college teacher of cabinet making he loved the project . He had never done anything like a George Short North Creek cabinet but looked at the directions from the web site and said it looked like no problem.One other plus is you can pick the finish to match your room. I put the poly on, gloss 7 coats the wood was waterfall Bubinga on sides and top with pommel Bubinga on the fascia the back is semi gloss black paint . The cabinet workmanship was perfect so I guess what I am saying is build your own or look local to have built. Also look at the many web sites that offer kits many are quite nice but for Me North Creek kits are the most bang for the buck after my 3.5 year search for speaker kits. I had started out to build My own but soon discovered I do not have any of the eq. needed to do box modeling or crossover design or large box cabinet making small maybe?