Sinatra on MFSL

Anyone heard the new pressings that came out last week?
Both releases were reviewed on page 100 in the November issue of Playback Magazine .


I received both LPs yesterday (backordered from Music Direct). Just gave *Nice 'N' Easy* a listen, and . . . . it's superb! Great performance, great sound - thick, quiet vinyl - - no complaints here.
I have compared Frank Sinatra Only the Lonely remastered
CD with the mono Mobile Fidelity CD. Both sound
wonderful. I could not tell the diffeence between the
Mobile Fidelity and the remastered version. My recommendation, why pay $31.00 for the Mobile Fidelity version if it does not sound better than the $11.00 CD
Version. I have a refvealing system and if there was a difference I would hear it.