Mo-Fi "Sinatra and Strings" LP noise issue...


I was told that this would be the place to ask if anyone else has run into this. I recently purchased the Mobile Fidelity "Sinatra and Strings", and when listening to it for the first time, found that there was a very alarming "noise" in the left channel around tracks 3 and 4. It was unlike any other noise that I have ever heard on vinyl, and led me to believe that it was in the original source material. It didn't SOUND like a flaw or defect in the record, and a visual inspection of the disc turned up "nothing". I understand that Mo-Fi does not attempt to "fix" any issues with the original source, but this was so alarming that I would be VERY surprised if it was "normal", or that they would actually release a title with such noticeable issues. I did a search on here, but came up with nothing. Has anyone else run into this??? Thanks...

I have not ntcd this in my copy. Its my understanding: MoFi will try to fix masters but only to extent the fix does not alter the sound of the original. MoFi does not dehorn during the manufacturing process, which results in occasional noise on the lps. However, the associated noise should disappear after playing 1-3 times. If still there, get a refund or exchange.
I haven't heard this on my copy either. I agree that if you play it a few times, it might eliminate the noise.